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Captain Marvel - $426.3 million beats Wonder Woman - $412.5 million domestically. Highest grossing female superhero!

The last real milestone it needed and it's still has plenty of gas in the tank! Captain Marvel truly is the most popular female superhero character.

Captain Marvel - $426,011,433
Wonder Woman - $412,563,408

It was already the biggest grossing female superhero film worldwide and the also by far the most profitable. Now it's officially become the highest grossing female superhero domestically as well. What an amazing achievement!


MCU > DCEU's science.


I think it is just simple math.


Captain Marvel grossed more than Wonder Woman? When did this happen? Does YouTube know about this because I bet you the Brie-Larson-Hate-Platoon will be up in arms when they find this out.

No doubt Disney is still buying tickets because there is NO way their boycott wasn't effective.


It was effective and CM was supposed to have made $2 Billion but they poured cold water on that bonfire.

CM and WW both did very well and it was a win win for fans of Comic Book movie properties.


I loved all the backtracking after the 'boycotts' failed. Especially the HUGE '2nd' weekend drop which they predicted and never happened.

'Just wait until the sequel comes out and you'll see' is the one they'll cling to for the next few years LOL


They are a remarkable bunch aren't they. Most of them probably ended up watching Captain Marvel themselves. Then after swearing up and down that they would see Shazam they skipped it. Then after swearing they would not see Endgame they watched it. Then after seeing the women have their A-Force moment they found something new to complain about. And the recycling of anti-feminist content on Youtube continues :)


The thing is, thats exactly what they did.

All of the nay sayers spoke of how they were not going to see it, their comments sections were filled with guys saying "nope, not gonna see it, fuck Brie Larson!", and yet EVERY SINGLE ONE of those channels that said they wouldn't go see it....... ended up seeing it, so they could review it and slag it off some more.

And still the excuses came, and they hoped that they'd get a little win out of something, but they never did.

Warms my heart it does!


The nay-sayers watched Captain Marvel online, where it's free. They then watched Shazam, in theaters.

It's really not that hard to figure out.


You assume thats so, the fact is many of them would have pulled out dollars out their pockets to pay to see it, no-one judges a movie via a crappy cam copy ffs!


If they watched Shazam in theaters then they probably sneaked in considering its low box office. Maybe they did watch Captain Marvel online. But then they went to go see it in theaters when their family begged to see the lead-in to Endgame. :)



I thought This Aint No Wonder Woman?

I thought as much as we "Huff and Puff"....CM Will never top WW domestically?

Poor Queen....

Its been 2 weeks now since its been certain CM was going to top WW domestically....and Queen has yet to Acknowledge or even touch the subject....

I've been Abusing Queen now for 2 years, I know Queen....

Queen ONLY goes silent on a FAIL when It TRULY BOTHERS HIM...

I honestly do not believe We'll ever hear from Queen again on this subject....This truly KILLS him and His silence is the ultimate proof...


The Wonder Woman box office was much more of an achievement. The film came off the back her appearance in the disastrous BvS. It opened 50m less than Captain Marvel, which opened right before the biggest superhero film of all time, and got a bump in the last couple of weeks due to that film opening while Captain Marvel is still in cinemas.

It's an achievement of the MCU in general, but not of this mediocre film.


Mediocre to you and others. But not to *most*.

For starters, audiences didn’t keep going back to Captain Marvel for no good reason. The Endgame connection? Yes, it got a big Endgame bump (especially this last week), but the arguments that it only got as high as it did because of Endgame reek of desperation. The only real connection this film had to Endgame, after all, was the post credits (which made their way online the same week Captain Marvel was released). Certain people on the internet are telling everyone this film is so mediocre, yet real people keep returning to it and even checking it out for the first time two months after it was released? Hmm. Any way you slice it, this film found its large audience and it resonated with them. In fact, as with the Black Panther effect, it’s highly likely the MCU gained new fans thanks to Captain Marvel (that’s right, whincels).

But putting aside its box office, unless you consider Cinemascore and PostTrak unreliable for some reason, then facts point to this film being very well-received by many of those who actually went to see it. And while granted a number of reviews were mixed (at worst), there were various big name critics that felt more enthusiastic about it. But we’re evidently not gonna convince one another about this, so let’s skip over the subjectivity of its quality.

Wonder Woman more of an achievement tho... heh. WW might’ve have come after a disastrous film, but ever since the first trailer for it dropped there was almost nothing but positive buzz surrounding it. And don’t forget Warner Bros did their BEST to distance WW from BVS — it payed off. Captain Marvel? From all the Brie Larson smear campaigning by petty incels, the epic fail boycotting (rotten tomatoes trolling), the lukewarm response to most of the film’s trailers (unpredictably many that kept criticizing the trailers held on to these negative opinions after viewing it), a bunch of less biased people being convinced that this was going to be the MCU’s first real failure, etc etc. It is an undeniable fact that from day one Captain Marvel was being SEVERELY underestimated.

BVS.... unless the trailers for Wonder Woman had been seen as trash, then BVS - and previous entries in the DCEU - NEVER held Wonder Woman back. WW was already a beloved pop culture icon and she was finally starring in her own film, a film that was being labeled the first true modern female superhero film. And yes, the film looked very appealing. It’s a WAY different story with Captain Marvel. Were the masses even familiar with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers? I don’t think I need to answer the obvious. Whatever help Captain Marvel received from Endgame and the massive popularity of the MCU in general (“let’s see how the sequel will do!” is the new mantra of the detractors), the film was a big achievement on its own. No one, I repeat no one, expected this origin film starring an unknown character to mainstream audiences to make a billion, end up outgrossing every MCU origin film (not counting Black Panther) along with almost every non-team up film in this franchise, and last but not least not just make more than the mighty and beloved Wonder Woman did domestically but to make significantly more money overall.

So regardless of the narrative you and others are pushing, Captain Marvel at the end of the day did the unthinkable and it 100% surpassed all expectations. The demand for this arguably great origin film was very real. On a side note, lovely to know that Captain Marvel is here to stay for awhile. If her next film gets raves, that obvs won’t matter to everyone trying to convince others that the first movie was a fluke. They’ll call it mediocre, average, overrated, SJW (SWJ>reactionary views), and so on and so forth. But screw them. This film ruled, and many more will agree with that than not.


That's a very bold claim. Success of one movie will not make Captain Marvel more popular than Wonder Woman.

Anyways, box office success is never equal to the quality of the movie. Wonder Woman is not some great cinematic master piece, but 5 years down the line it will be much more fondly remembered than Captain Marvel.


Anyways, box office success is never equal to the quality of the movie.

Captain obvious everyone!

But Captain Marvel being the highest female superhero movie is not a bold claim. It’s called reality. On that note, Captain Marvel only happens to be a part of the biggest film franchise and most revered superhero film franchise, so this isn’t your typical mediocre-movie-made -a-lotta-of-money kinda a deal. The film still sucks? Yeah, yeah... naysayers and their broken records. But although CM far from won over everyone, the majority (which includes critics) still had far more good things to say about this film. (Spare me the ludicrous reactionary talking points/conspiracies.)

WW will be remembered more fondly? That’ll be a first for a DCEU movie. It nonetheless won’t be that simple, fella. 5 years from now Captain Marvel will still be around and you can bet she’ll be more popular than ever. What’s more, the franchise she’s a part of remains stronger than ever and Captain Marvel will officially be the face of this franchise moving forward. And if in true Marvel fashion the CM sequel manages to impress many more, then her first movie will only be forgotten by naysayers such as yourself. Wonder Woman? Doesn’t matter if her sequel lives up to the first one or not because she’s already a beloved character. Yet, one lousy movie can hold her cinematic self back—similar to what happened to Batman. Captain Marvel? She was a character that was unknown to mainstream audiences, and despite that her first movie left WW in the dust.

Furthermore, with this being the meticulous and quality-striving Marvel Studios, you srlsy think there will be no room for improvement when it comes to a CM sequel (useless question to ask if you’re against this franchise)? Oh, predictably there will be those that will trash it no matter how well it does with critics and audiences. However, if Marvel doesn’t lose any steam within the next 5 years (and there’s nothing that suggests it will), then you can bet your ass Captain Marvel is going to be taking the world by storm... the film’s box office numbers and the buzz surrounding it say she already has... and likely won’t be outshined by the currently more recognizable Wonder Woman. So sorry not sorry but this “forgettable” first Captain Marvel movie will at worst be seen as a decent origin story that had more potential (MCU connection notwithstanding). But that potential, partner, is something I’m certain audiences will witness in the next few years.

So yeah, Captain Marvel isn’t going away anytime soon. And as always, bring it on haters/incels! Haters were so convinced Captain Marvel was going to be a complete failure, and then when the film painfully proved them wrong, loser haters unsurprisingly made hundreds of pathetic excuses. Lolz. I can’t wait for round 2!


Why so desperate to prove a point? But lets continue this useless discussion.

"But Captain Marvel being the highest female superhero movie is not a bold claim. It’s called reality"

The original claim in the OP was Captain Marvel is the "most popular female superhero CHARACTER" and not "highest grossing female superhero MOVIE", and that is not reality. Yes, it is the highest grossing female superhero MOVIE right now, nobody is denying that, do a bit of reading before you go all gaga next time.

"On that note, Captain Marvel only happens to be a part of the biggest film franchise and most revered superhero film franchise, so this isn’t your typical mediocre-movie-made -a-lotta-of-money kinda a deal"

Such bland logic. Captain Marvel being part of the biggest film franchise and most revered superhero film franchise does not automatically make it a revered superhero film, its still a mediocre-movie-made -a-lotta-of-money kinda a deal only, just like Iron Man 3 thanks only to the goodwill that people have on MCU. The franchise is in such a good position that it can release any unknown character, have a average story and its still going to set the cash registers ringing.

"WW will be remembered more fondly? That’ll be a first for a DCEU movie."

Lol lol lol....I am no DCEU fan, I just like good movies and that includes the comic book genre. I hope you were not expecting me to get triggered. Let me try and get you triggered, DC has produced the greatest comic book film and the greatest comic book film trilogy, hell marvel based movies like Logan, Spider Man 2 are much greater than anything MCU has produced yet. Just please don't come up with "but....but...billions of dollars".


Everything else you said are just assumptions about future and you know future just happens to be the right tool for keyboard warriors to predict and have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.

5 years down the line, the sequel for Captain Marvel can be the next TDK and Wonder Woman 1984 can be the know a mediocre film like Captain Marvel. 5 years from now the entire DCEU may burn down and all MCU's irritating fanboys wet dreams of world domination may come true. But how will they live with nothing to scream about in online forums.

But right now as things stand, Wonder Woman the CHARACTER is more popular than Captain Marvel the CHARACTER. People will remember Wonder Woman the 2017 film more fondly than Captain Marvel the 2019 film.

By the way, I personally feel Wonder Woman is the 2nd most overrated comic book film after Black Panther while Captain Marvel got a lot of undeserved hate.


Wow, just reading your posts makes me feel so bad for you. Lol.

You must really love Captain Marvel. Hey, whatever makes you happy.

I'm personally not a fan of flawless characters who go through no challenges and never have anything to overcome. I find characters like that very bland and boring. I'm glad she wasn't in Endgame very much.

And the constant preaching and lecturing from "strongest avenger" Brie Larson 24/7 assures me that I won't be watching Captain Marvel anytime soon. She acts like she started all the Marvel movies and she runs the show the way she's talking. It's getting pretty obnoxious. I've got nothing against her personally...I thought she was amazing in Room, but the self righteous preaching since she's become Captain Marvel really turns me off. When Thanos decked her with the inifinity stone I wasn't upset about that, haha.

Wonder Woman is a much more popular character. In my opinion Captain Marvel benefited a lot from the overall success of the Marvel films in general that have been going for 11 years now, and being sandwiched in between the two biggest Marvel movies to ever grace the screen.

I'm not making excuses though. Good for Captain Marvel and the feminazis. They have a well earned victory in their constant battle and struggle against the evil patriarchy that is holding them down so much (eye roll). Haha.

Still, Marvel could release a movie about a turd floating in the toilet and it would break box office records, so it is what it is.

I haven't seen Captain Marvel, and I wasn't a fan of the character from the short time she was in Endgame, so I probably will bow out of The Marvel movies from here on out. If Captain Marvel and her Justin Beiber haircut is the new "leader" of the Avengers, then I'm not very interested anymore.

I don't go to the movies for 2 hour public service announcements. I'm sure millions of people will though, and the movies will still take in the cash until people finally get sick of them.


Cap Marvel:

Reviews Counted: 459
liked it

Wonder Woman:

Reviews Counted: 424
liked it

Clearly WW is a better movie.


Still, Captain Marvel is more poplar at this moment, so? The quality of the movies and the opinion of critics has nothing to do with popularity... That is proven by the box office of both movies.

You all Nolanites can cry a river, but the reality is Captain Marvel wins the popularity contest. Quality is shit to me because I like what I like and what you and others thinks means fucking shit to me... Ha, ha, ha.....


I'm proud of both films and I like both. Well done, both.