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Over/Under 60% 2nd Weekend Drop?

I say 54% drop


I say 55%


$70-85m is 54-45%: ‘Captain Marvel’ Heads for Heroic Second Weekend


the average for CBMs is 55 to 60%

I was going to predict 56%

but early projection have in coming in with a pretty good 70 to 72 M 2nd weekend

anything above 65 M+....puts it on pace to comfortably top a 400 Million + domestic total


around 54% drop, will have to wait for finals but +/- 2% in any direction


Friday's drop was a steep 70%.


including thursday, march 7th numbers, that's correct.
if you back out the thursday evening numbers to compare friday to friday, the drop is not so stark!
surely you must know this.
are you trying to deceive?

by my calculation:
captain marvel's thursday night march 7th numbers were $21m (taking that from a forbes article - those number may have slightly shifted, but let's go with them).
total friday/thursday numbers were $61,715,051.
so let's call opening friday $40.7million.
deadline is currently saying yesterday was $18.8m.
by my calc, that means yesterday's gross was 46.2% of the previous friday's numbers, meaning a 53.8% drop, completely in line with current projections & previous cbm drops.


Friday's drop was a steep 70%.


poor queen....clinging to life and any desperate stats...

but I guess thats what happens when you miss by 50 to 70 Million On CMs Opening Weekend

Guarantee CM wont Top Wonder Woman's OW or Total gross...

and Predict CM to ONLY make 410 Million WW...or your exact words were "Half Wonder Woman's Total"

also Queen, full weekend project are an Above average 54% drop for a 69.7 Million...

remember queen the Key number here was 65M.....All Data shows that If CM has a 65 M+ 2nd Weekend, Its on pace and heading for a 400 M + domestic total...

Hey you know whats special about this exact time?

It was exactly 1 week ago today that you were forced out of SHAME and FAILURE to switch Trolling tactics to "Domestic"

lol after you spent 6 months trolling on CM, ONLY Trolling on CM not beating Wonder Woman's Opening Weekend and Total Box office, Even Making a thread guaranteeing CMs opening will be between 75 to 102 M.....

You embarrassingly and SHAMEFULLY switched trolling tactics this time last weekend...for the first time ever mentioning "Wonder Woman's Domestic Gross"...

just wanted to mark the occasion...we'll call it the 1 Week anniversary of "Shame Day"...When Queen had give up trolling on what really matters and cling to life to the 1 only only thing you had left...

Happy Shame day queen


60-65 sounds about right.