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Video exposes the fake numbers, reviews, and empty theaters for Captain Marvel



Only people with no lives care about that shit! Also, if you use rotten tomatoes, you're one of those people too!


What kind of loser watches youtube trolls? Bad enough reading posts on MC.


LOL. Although its ironic that now exposing the truth = troll.


YouTube conspiracy nuts are trolls. Check the truther thread.



There are also reports that Disney is buying tickets as well to inflate box office numbers.


That will really increase profits. Someone report them to the SEC!


[–] Bubbathegut (5181) 7 days ago

It made 1.1b, CM might make 700m WW. Since there will be no competition this spring it will probably make more.


lol lol no seriously lol

truly Epic fail....Love when you and queen get over confident and Accidentally give Specific numbers when trolling...

You dont do it often, you specifically usually stick to words that can be nailed down like "Moderate Success"

But here you just trolled yourself into a corner...

here you state CM MIGHT make 700 Million WW....key word being MIGHT...which clearly means thats a best scenario and you expect it to make less...

CM will of course be over 700 Million by Monday, literally after only 9 days of release...

and Is also Going to top 1 Billion +

any ways....




Domestically, it's becoming clear that this will not top Wonder Woman, though.


Domestically, it's becoming clear that this will not top Wonder Woman, though.


Its like you said this ^ intentionally to be DESTROYED

"Exhibitor Relations Co.
‏ @ERCboxoffice
45m45 minutes ago

CAPTAIN MARVEL is keeping pace with WONDER WOMAN, as they both earned $11M and $14M on their first Monday and Tuesday. WONDER WOMAN's 2nd weekend: $58M."



I'm mean serious talk about BUFFOONERY

you did not even think a single second before making this statement....

at no point did the thought enter your mind "Ok I'm getting ready to say CM isnt going to top WW domestically, not only I am saying It wont, I'm saying Its box office is showing that.....Maybe I should actually check CMs box to see if oh you know, Its in fact actually falling behind WW"

Epic Fail...Just Classic Queen here....

didnt realize CM is exactly keeping pace with Wonder before Vomiting out "Domestically, it's becoming clear that this will not top Wonder Woman"

by the way, queen even before this Tweet above, Yesterday I did the math and research(something you might try every now and then)

Basically what it comes down is If CM has a 65 M+ 2nd Weekend, Its guaranteed to top 400 M+ and WW...

I looked at the results of 5 similar movies....65 M is the number...

The most similar was GOTG 2...

It opened to 146 Million....finished with a total of 389 Million WW.

GOTG 2s 2nd weekend was 65 Million....

CM is already 15 Million ahead of GOTG 2 at the same point in time....

so Basically If CM has a 2nd Weekend at 65 Million or Above...Its having the exact same holds or better than GOTG2...Which Will GUARANTEED a 400 Million + domestic gross for CM....and If CM has Literally Just 1% better holds through its entire run than GOTG2...CM beats WWs 411 M total...

in conclusion of course you completely embarrassed yourself with this statement "Domestically, it's becoming clear that this will not top Wonder Woman, though."....what are the chances you make that statement right as a professional Box office analysts tweets CM is in fact keeping pace with WW.....ONLY YOU could fail that spectacularly

but for me the worst part of this fail is....YOU actually said "Its becoming clear"....meaning you were actually trying to suggest that box office of CM numbers are ALREADY showing its not keeping pace with WW....

lol again This EPIC FAIL of a statement shows 1 of 2 things....

You either truly did no research before spitting this statement ...and had no idea what CM's numbers actually were compared to WWs...

Or as I've been saying for over a year now....You are awful at box office and more to my main point , you just dont understand what you are looking at...

either way, Just an absolute classic queen trolling fail here....

this is one of those rare occasions where YOU COULDNT DO THIS if you actually TRIED!

You failed so horrifically here, the absolute TIMING of you making this statement while at the same time A professional box office analysts tweeted The facts and Proof of how wrong you are is the Stuff of LEGENDS

lol If someone Intentionally tried to create a scenario where they wanted to Fail....They literally could NOT it any better than you just did Naturally ...

Its almost Mind Blowing thinking about the Pure ODDS of this and of all people it happened to you!

this is not an exaggeration, THANK YOU....This made my day and Will easily bring me great Joy probably through the weekend thinking about this Astonishing Fail...


Since it's weekend was much bigger, those first Monday and Tuesday results are much higher percentage drops...hence it's not holding nearly as well.

It's not easy getting to 400 million and I don't think this has the staying power to get there.


Point being...with this trajectory, it won't be long at all before CM starts posting lower daily box office than WW.

If the 2nd and 3rd weekend sees precipitous drops then it's truly over as far as beating WW's domestic box office.

reply's even WORSE!

I looked at CM's first Monday gross and it's actually 800, 000+ LESS than Wonder Woman's! Tuesday is less than 300, 000 above it. This coming off an OW that was 50 million higher! NOT a good sign for this "guaranteed domestic beating" of WW.


This is right up there with your taunting thread about Ralph "beating" the Grinch's OW...except it didn't!

It was actually 11 million behind.


Now THAT was odd.


not to interject myself into the bill/queen ongoing dialog, but it's not quite accurate to compare weekday grosses of a summer film to a winter release like cm, no?

the weekday totals in the summer tend to be higher, right?

i am fairly agnostic on whether cm will beat ww domestically. it would need a 2.7 multiplier. it might happen, but i think we'll need next weekend's numbers to really make an informed call.

but there's little doubt it will make a billion world wide.

i'll predict 390m usa, 1.08 billion world wide.


True that WW was released in early summer when 40% of kids were out is school and about 70 % colleges. That can be over come with super-great weekend holds that are similar to WW's percentage holds.

That 50 million advantage could erode by the end of the third weekend.



you are entitle to your opinion....although I dont even think you believe what you are saying...Its clear you are scrambling to try and say anything to save face for This epic fail where I provided a tweet that OWNED YOU

But whatever if you want to believe delusionally believe CMs box office is bad and not keeping pace with WW...You are entitled to your beliefs...All I can say Is People who understand box office Disagree with you...People who actually do box office for their JOBS are looking at CMs box office and are seeing something different.

I do want to at least point out....

It's not easy getting to 400 million and I don't think this has the staying power to get there.


This statement is not factual....

I dont think CM is easily going to get to 400 M domestic....In fact I'm not giving a prediction on that until after this weekend...

but what I am saying is as of RIGHT NOW...based on the Box office we have.....CM is heading toward a 400 to 420 Million domestic gross...Thats not an opinion, Thats just Math...

Now I fully admit it could change, in fact I'm did the research...I told you, CMs domestic total depends on its 2nd weekend gross...If it has a 65 M or more 2nd weekend...then 400 Million + is Guaranteed...

again You can delusionally believe what you want...

But I'm not "believing or predicting" anything...I'm simply doing the Math...

The facts are...RIGHT NOW CM's box office points to a 400 to 420 Million dollar domestic gross....

everything you said, Is just not based on facts,they are your opinions....You can think all you want CM's holds are good or wont match WW's....The facts say otherwise...RIGHT NOW CM is is ahead and is matching WW...these facts point to a 400 to 420 Million domestic arguing......

If that changes this upcoming weekend with a 2nd weekend lower than 65 M....those are the facts and I'll do the math based on the new data...

its not an exaggeration to say...everything thing you said above is simply vomited out a bunch of your delusional, biased opinions in an attempt to save face from a brutal and Legendary FAIL...

This is right up there with your taunting thread about Ralph "beating" the Grinch's OW...except it didn't!

lol ^^^^^

speaking of The The Grinch

remember when you predicted it to be the highest grossing Animated film of all time and would "Dethrone" Frozen with a 1.2 Billion + gross........EXCEPT IT DIDN'T

result being you missed by over 700 Million dollars on your prediction

lol remember when you predicted The Grinch to Open over 135 Million on Opening Weekend.......EXCEPT IT DIDN'T

result being you missed by 68 Million dollars on your prediction

remember when you predicted The Grinch would make between 480 and 530 Million domestically .....EXCEPT IT DIDN'T

result being you missed by between 210 and 260 Million dollars on your prediction

what Have I told you you cant Win.....for every 1 time I was wrong I can point out 10 times you were wrong....

lol next time think before posting....not a good Idea to bring up A film where you were WRONG MORE THAN I was....

Epic fail .....



You there?


You just realized you've stepped in it like you did this past holiday season haven't you?


Grinch vs Ralph

Mary Poppins vs Aquaman?


I know some painful memories are being conjured up for you right now.