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I knew this was Canadian within minutes!

Americans don't refer to parking garages as parkades. :)


It gets far, far worse. The actors can barely keep from saying "eh". The fake news broadcaster and all the Canadians repeatedly use the Canadian rounded "O" (as in SOW-REY). Canadian vowels are much rounder. All the actors are from Ontario - and its so obvious. Or if they're not Ontarian they're sporting Ontarian accents. Many of the scenes aren't in Washington nor in Virginia - which is much more overgrown. Even the "f" word is distinctly Canadian. When in suburban Washington, especially Virginia, the accents are Virginian and its obvious. I stopped counting the number of Canadianisms and apparently no one seems to care.

The assumption is one of two:

1) they don't care that the film isn't American.

2) they didn't bother to use a US American from the region

In a pivotal scene with a SWAT team a uniformed officer that one would see out on patrol is with the SWAT team during an assault. NO ONE would do that.

The foliage is not typical of the Tidal Basin region.

Also the seal of the United States is present in the offices with no picture of the sitting President. And whatever idiot in the script that was named President was taken out. For National Security reasons everyone knows that the VP and members of the cabinet would not be present at an event like the one depicted - precisely for the reason the movie supposedly depicts. You don't put all your eggs in one basket.


They call them Parkades where I live. Must be a soda/pop, couch/sofa thing rather than a restroom/washroom thing.


I dunno, I'm Canadian and in my late 40's and I can tell you I've never heard the term "parkades" in my life.
So if it is a Canadian term, it's definitely not Ontarian.