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Gun control rant didn't make sense

More gun control?

I really enjoyed the trilogy but he misses the mark on a few political ramblings. This is the poster child for why more people need to carry guns. He would have died in Rampage 1 if people were armed.


Yes it is quite hilarious and hypocritical.
Considering that the globalist elites that Williamson constantly rants about,are the ones that actually want gun control.They are also the lot that heavily pushes atheism,global warming,and the socialist/communist like sentiments that Billy boy values so highly.
For someone who self professes to be an enlightened intellectual,he was quite the useful idiot himself.

Kudo's to Billy Boy for targeting all the controlled puppets in the military/law enforcement entertainment industry,and political arena.Never bothering to go after the REAL scumbags that run the show like Rothschild/Rockefeller,Kissinger,or George Soro's.
Bill Williamson is actually exceptionally stupid and misinformed