Hagiography for Quacktivists

I was expecting a balanced presentation of greenpeace with its problems as well as its contributions.

Instead this film is an uncritical, to the point of propaganda, hagiography.

No mention that Greenpeace gets an poor rating from many politically neutral charity rating organizations due to its spending, and its lack of transparency and its partisan political activity which is limited in the US for charities of its type, but not limited elsewhere

Greenpeace refused to list many of its corporate donors., Why? Because it has evolved into a extortion scheme, hitting industry with problems (good) but laying off corporation's that then give it money in a pay for play schemes

We don't even know how much corporate and political party money Greenpeace gets as it will not make "loan" contribution figures public.

And over 50% its monies went to directors and employees according to some of its leaked documents, not to mention director/employees "commuting" 250 miles a day by plane to work!

Also no mention of so much of Greenpeace's work to be crackpot anti science claims that have no basis whatsoever in peer reviewed work?


Well, to be fair the documentary is about the founding and the first years of Greenpeace. Not how it is handled now.


The film is really about the beginning of Greenpeace, you ignorant wanker.