Ouch at the bad reviews/ ratings

This will earn some money but not big bucks, probably will miss the billion mark too. The general consensus is there's too much happening at the same time, trying to hard to set the upcoming three FB movies whilst not having a plot of its own. Harry Potter has a big fanbase so I'm sure they'll understand most of the Easter Eggs but a movie should be appealing to general public, fans aren't enough to make a significant profit.

Maybe this won't have a ridiculously low OW like Justice League had, the drops will probably be average at best (holidays are approaching and it remains to be seen what will the competition do), but it will be at least 100-200M short of what it could've earned with a movie that has a head and tail. Granted mid movies in franchises usually serve as a bridge, but they have to have a story rather than being just a filler. I'm sure the fans will be pleased to see more of the HP universe but what about the usual moviegoers?


Well it's already beat the opening night of the first one so it looks like these Potter-verse movies are critic proof.


It's too soon to call it critic proof, movies like these have big OWs no matter what.


Possibly...but it is interesting that it's RT score is 30 points lower than the first but it still had a bigger opening night.


Projections for the OW are lower than FB1.


"projections are lower".

I dunno...maybe it's just me but a higher amount already made is more concrete and compelling than "projections".


Movies make a small portion of their overall income in their first day in cinemas.


Understood but my whole point was even with terrible reviews it's opening night was bigger than the first film's.


I'm sure there's bunch of movies that had opening night bigger than FB1 yet didn't live up to their expectations.


I dunno...maybe it's just me but a higher amount already made is more concrete and compelling than "projections".

Understood but my whole point was even with terrible reviews it's opening night was bigger than the first film's.


EPIC fail!!!

FB2 come up short in every of FB1.....

My favorite part was you ignoring The Projections because they didnt fit you narrative....

I would have thought by now you would have learned from ignoring PROJECTIONS...after they have resulted in some of your most embarrassing defeats and moments...

remember when you IGNORE projections and refused to accept a 200 Million + OW was coming for Black Panther?

Then remember the next weekend when you decided to Post The projections 6 minutes after deadline reported them, and claimed BB was heading toward a bad second 90M weekend.....ONLY just hours later for the real PROJECTIONS to come in and confirm BB was heading for an excellent 110 M+ 2nd weekend

Remember When All weekend long you refused to accept Projections were even possible when Justice League Opened and had disastrous results....lol You predicted a 150 Million + OW...

early projections came in with JL opening between 100 to 115 Million....You refused to accept PROJECTIONS could be made that early(despite that fact box office analysts had been doing it accurately for 25 + years now every weekend with near 95% accuracy) you instead claimed and guaranteed when the actual's come in JL will at least open higher than Suicide Squad(which was 134 M)...

Then Late Friday/early Saturday Projections came in projecting JL to open BELOW 100 M....You again refused to accept this was possible saying Projections cant account for Sunday which will be way higher than expected, you now claimed JL would at least open over 115 M...

Of course Sunday came, JL opened to 93 Million right where the projections said.....and You disappeared for 4 days in shame

and your greatest failure again came from Projections....This summer you finally thought you Beat me.....when You prematurely started bumping threads and posting comments in every post reminding everyone I predicted DP2 to open less than DP1....

You were extremely confident DP2 was heading for a 150 M+ OW based on PROJECTIONS and simply was having the time of your life finally thinking you got me...

Hilariously it ended it absolute failure for you when DP2 literally came in exactly where I predicted and opened LESS than DP1.....Hilariously you immediately avoided the DP2 board like a plague and never posted their again!

You have took some severe and Unimaginable beating over PROJECTIONS....so much so its truly astonishing you even go near the subject of Projections with a 10 foot pole....

But here you are yet again....Getting brutally embarrassed due to PROJECTIONS again...


I love how you try to spin WB's box office in a positive light....

You know damn well if Disney had a franchise like FB that was on a downward trajectory and made Less than the first one....within 10 minutes of deadline reporting the results, You would have created a thread claiming "Disney and The franchise is in trouble"

The Depths of your Biased as no limits........


Cos moviegoers will accept any old crap. I saw this crap tonight and I didn't accept it.


I agree. Look no further than the world's most profitable animation studio(and no other studio comes close)...Universal's Illumination. You wanna talk about CRAP..but just look at their box office! That's with budgets 1/3 that of Disney"s.That's not even counting merchandise which is demolishing Disney's at retail. Disney has not had a SINGLE merchandising hit from an animated film since Frozen. That's five years of animated merch in clearance bins...even though their films TOWER over Illumination's in terms of quality.


We get it - Disney molested you as a kid. Do us all a favor and get some professional help.


Ummm...did you even read my post? I said Disney TOWERS over Universal's Illumination in quality.


I agree. Look no further than the world's most profitable animation studio(and no other studio comes close)...Universal's Illumination


I will guarantee you right now that ^this is a false statement..

It will take me a little to make the thread, but I guarantee you Disney's Animated films not only are more profitable but Literally double or triple the profit of Universal's Illumination

I highly doubt there's even been a single year where Universal's Illuminations Animated films have combined for more profit than Disneys Animated films

How you could make that statement knowing Disney OWNs Pixar Is beyond Belief...

just to give you an idea of the HORROR to come....

Disney has 12 of the top 20 highest grossing Animated films of all time and 4 of the top 5

While Universal's Illumination 5....

Here's an example of your complete stupidity...

In 2016, Universal's Illumination made 2 animated films
Secret Life of Pets ---374 Million in Profit
Sling----194 Million in Profit

Total Profit-568 Million

Disney Made-
Finding Dory---297 Million in Profit
Zootopia---294 Million in Profit
Moana---121 Million In Profit

Total Profit-712 Million

Disney easily Wins in PROFIT and hilariously Its not even "Close"(Cough*Wink*Cough)

I Will be updating this thread with each year and how Disney almost certainly Won every year in PROFIT...

I Will be updating Disney's list of Massive Animated hits that Produced double to triple the profit of Universal's Illumination's

Basically....once again queen you let your hatred for Disney get the best of you...

Universal's Illumination has produced some incredible hits, had you left your bragging to just that you would have been fine....but the second you brought Disney into it...your fate was sealed....even worse you Specifically NOTED "PROFIT" as being the the subject of your TROLLING which was a huge mistake as Universal's Illumination simply doesnt beat Disney's animated films in PROFIT in any way...

at this point the only possible thing I can think for you to say to try and save face is for you to try to say YOU MEANT Universal's Illumination has the Animated FILM that made the most profit in Despicable Me 2....which made 394 Million...

Which Hilariously is wrong....BOTH Frozen(which made 406 M in Profit) and Incredibles 2(which made 400 M+) made more profit

Universal's Illumination doesnt have a single animated film to make 400 M + in Profit....Disney has 2(Maybe 3 in Finding Nemo) but cant confirm that one......lol theres just no finding any way Universal's Illumination competes with Disney's Animated films in terms of the Specifically NOTED subject of PROFIT....

Disney Owns Universal's Illumination in Profit....and again this time without being funny.Ironic....Its NOT EVEN CLOSE...

I have no doubt you'll reply with some absurd and desperate attempt to minimize the embarrassment....But I also have no doubt, You'll sit in shame for several minutes after reading this post feeling nothing but regret for making such a stupid statement....You'll then pull yourself together, and come up with some desperate excuse to try and get the last word....

But then when you go to sleep tonight, you'll lay in bed thinking...."Fuck, Why did I say PROFIT?....you'll then have trouble going to sleep with the thought of this Epic and ALL TIME failure running through your mind


Oh boy...you really are dense.

You used 2016 as an example of how Disney made more profit from their animated film's than Illumination. With one glaring issue for anyone to easily see...THEY RELEASED MORE FILMS THAT YEAR!


Let's stick with this watershed year then. Secret Life of Pets went head to head with Finding Dory that summer and(by your own numbers) netted 80 million more in profit. LOL

Then...that Christmas Sing went head to Head with Moana and netted 70 million more in profits.

Keep it up, bill...your making great arguments.


Think for a minute bill...Illumination makes their films ALWAYS at less than half the cost of Disney's. It's actually close to a third in many cases and yet their box office is essentially the same from film to film...sometimes exceeding Disney. Illumination has yet to make a film with a budget exceeding 75 million. Disney's average budget?



One more embarrassing argument you make is Disney's 12 of the top 20 all-time grossest compared to Illumination's 5.

Well...Illumination hasn't even PRODUCED 12 film's so the fact that they have 5 in the top 20 is all the more impressive. In other words, they have a higher batting average than Disney. And let's be honest...those 12 are from TWO STUDIOS(Pixar and WDAS) and some of those Pixar film's in that top 20 were made BEFORE Disney even bought them. So Illumination has produced 9 film's and 5 are in the top 20 all-time compared to Disney and Pixar's 70+ film's.


Try again, bill.


It's awful but hp fans will love it


Kinda love Venom sucked but marveltards loved it