Will this make 1 Billion +

I hope so, otherwise Disney is almost the only company which has Billion-Dollar Movies under their wing - especially after buying Fox (Avatar).

Only the Jurassic World Series could stand against Disney up until now.


Now we have the answer:

It will end around 600 millions. Not a flop but for sure way less than Warner expected.

I'm in the minority - but I liked it. Hopefully they make no rash drastic changes to the sequels.


FB1 made about 800m
This is more Pottery and has Depp & Law all over the posters trailers etc so yeah even tho the critics think its filler it should get to 1b ww like the way Transformers used to or the F&F now do


Universal's Illumination says hello.


Universal's Illumination says hello.


I think the point was Disney's Billion dollar Dominance is Beyond Anything any other studio can even DREAM about....

I mean just look at the facts....

Disney has 18 of the 36 films EVER to make 1 Billion....

In the last 5 years Disney made 14 Billion dollar films....for comparison other Studios like WB Literally hasnt made a single film in The last 5 years that Made 1 Billion +

lol If your really bragging about "Universal's Illumination says hello." with just 2 films topping 1 Billion, Then Disney says "Hello and GOODBYE" with their 18!

as usual just straight EPIC fail queen...

once again your hatred for Disney got the best of you...you just couldnt help but to respond to a post where someone was noting Disney's dominance....

but Hilariously, this was A post you should have avoided like the Plague, because if theres one thing you dont want to talk about......Its "Billion dollars movies" and Disney.....as Disney is The clear KING!

also worth NOTING Disney recently became the ONLY studio ever with MULTIPLE 2 Billion dollar + movies with SW 7 and AIW...

A record Disney is sure to add to With Avengers 4 and Future Avatar films they got since buying Fox....

Also worth noting Disney Is The ONLY Studio to have 5 different film not only top 1 Billion but top 1.3 Billion +

More Worthy Notes....Disney has 5 of the top 10 highest Grossing movies of all time...and 11 of the top 20

Pure Dominance the likes of which has never been seen and Will never be seen again!

no wonder you hate Disney so much queen....


Yes, it was my point to say - even though I like & love many Disney Movies - that it would be good, if another Studio can compare... but I didn't realize, that Universal is doing very well too:

I forgot Fast & Furios (because I don't watch them) and didn't know Illumination is a Universal Brand just like Pixar is to Disney. So Universal has after all 7 Movies in the Billion+ league. Still - Disney is a Juggernaut.

So I hope that the Wizarding World Movies become as successful as Marvel & Star Wars. So that Disney isn't dominating the blockbuster genre to much.


Curious, do you have a list of these movies? Wondering where you're getting your stats for this.




Illumination? The Minions people? Why do you keep going on about THEM?

The Grinch movie was boring beyond belief! I almost fell asleep during it!


I would never say Illumination can hold a candle to Pixar storywise. Just the numbers can hold up.


Why should it make one billion? It's so CRAP. It's certainly no Potter movie, even if Hogwarts is in there.


Saw it today. I like to strongly disagree. Had a great time.

+ Great visuals.
+ Excitement.
+ Likable characters.
+ great set up for the next movies
+ Hogwarts

- great set up. Doesn't stand as much on his own feed as Part I

I don't get the hate.



I cant wait to see it ...

I avoided the Harry Potter Movies for 15 years...

2 years ago I watched them all in Order....and Loved them....

I bought FB1 when it came out on Blu Ray....

I liked it but didnt love it...didnt think it was better than any of the Potter movies....

But I watched it again about 6 months ago, and absolutely loved it on a second viewing...everything about the movie felt special this time....

I watched it a 3rd time 2 weeks and again loved it....I now rank it right up there with the best Potter movies....

I cant wait to see FB2...

But I must admit, I may not be the best judge for these movies as I've never read any of the books...I only know whats been put on screen


After those reviews...don't count on it.

Then again Jurassic World 2 made $1.2 billion and that was a complete fucking dumpster fire. So yeah who knows.


Unlikely. On RT and MC, the ratings has dropped a bunch since the first FB as well. I'm leaning on it reaching 650-750 million mark.


If brand recognition is strong enough and fans aren't yet tired of the franchise, breaking a billion is almost a given these days.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom made a billion without breaking a sweat, so when I finally saw it I was most amazed at how small-scale, unenthusiastic and pedestrian the whole thing felt. This is what draws in a billion dollars worth of audience goodwill these days?

A cast member of Crimes of Grindelwald would straight up have to murder a bus full of kids in the first week of this movie opening for it not to accrue at least a billon dollars.