Ridiculous show.

Too much rationalization to excuse their behaviors.

The counselor said that being induced to accepting an invitation to have sex with a young teenager is a form of entrapment.

Uh uh, wrong.

They have the power to say no. Once they cross the line, it becomes a crime.

Don't be that stupid. Know the law.

Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse.

Google the laws of the state if you want to know what's okay and what's not.

If you can't read, then learn how to in school.


We all do things we know are wrong. Yet, we somehow do them anyway. Many people are weak. They give away all their money to scammers, or waste money on the lottery - that the State dangles riches and dreams in front of their faces. It's as ethical and wrong as state sponsored brothels would be. Sex is a powerful tool. A driving force in our lives. Many marry the wrong mate because of it. We should know better? Yes. But so should junkies, fat people, gamblers... The brain is also a powerful tool, for better or worse.


Most including myself not only don't know all the complex sex laws in my State but cannot believe a State such as Florida would throw a
Juvenile in prison for a decade for kissing his underage girlfriend. The sex offender laws need to be tiered as to seperate non violent from predatory crimes.