Craigslist sting?

The guy with pink hair and baby face is just as bad as the others, period. I'm sure there is more than this pervert is telling in his story, it's bad enough what he does share!
He agreed to be sexual with the 14 year old daughter of the mother he was soliciting, how much worse can you get! I'm only sorry he didn't get ten years in prison, but at least he's labeled for life as the scum he is. These people all sound so sad telling their stories and how a troubled childhood created these sexual perverts. Hey, my childhood was rotten, but I don't ruin another person's life by being a sexual predator and then blaming my childhood on the decisions I make as a responsible adult. Have bad memories and an awful past? Seek a counselor, get on medication and stop preying on innocent victims! Sickening.


When I heard that little turd say his arrest was because of a sting and all he did was say he would. I knew he was lying. They had to have had other stuff on him as well. Probably searched his computer and found child porn.


I just watched this ... and enjoyed it. I was also curious enough to look up each of the individuals registry to see if they'd reoffended. Guess who is the ONLY ONE to have additional charges filed against them since the filming of this documentary?

That same little jerk who claimed he was "just in the wrong place at the wrong time" online.

The filmmakers website says: "Jamie Turner violated his probation in 2015 for using the Internet for other than work or school purposes. He got a nine year suspended sentence and was put on house arrest for two years. He was released on early termination of probation on April 21, 2016, and has after his release moved back to Connecticut with his mother. He plans to move abroad and get a Ph.D. in film studies" .....

....but that doesn't really jive with the FLA State offender registration site. According to that, he was charged with SE COMPUTR SEX W/MINOR; F.S. 847.0135(2) (*gasp*...again?), Traveling to meet minor to commit unlawful sexual offense, F.S. 847.0135(4), and Lewd Or Lascivious Exhibition, Victim Under 16, Offender 18 or Older; F.S. 800.04(7)(b).

In other words, it looks like that first arrest wasn't just him being unlucky ... it was him hunting for something specific ... just like the other man in the documentary predicted. I shudder to think what country "abroad" he plans to move to ... and what he might get up to once he's there/away from the restrictions of the sex offender registry.

So far, all the others have not been arrested for any other violations of their parole. I saw that as a positive sign that their community and outreach has benefits. My congrats to the individuals for working hard to change their lives.


Honestly the part where he says he's going to get his PhD and become a professor is just a pipe dream, along with the "moving abroad" thing as well. No country is going to give him a student visa with his criminal history and he certainly is never going to be hired to teach 18-22 year olds even if they're legally adults.

I too had some trouble buying his story. I work with drug addicts and they are similar to sex offenders in some ways in that they're stigmatized by society and unable to control their impulses and cravings. Early on they almost always minimize their use and addictions because they're still in denial and don't want to admit to others (or even themselves) quite how bad things really are. I think it's the same with this kid. He wanted people to think he didn't belong there and that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but the fact that he's the only person to re-offend shows that he definitely belongs on the sex offender registry.


It's funny, both my sister and I felt his story seemed like bullshit and sure enough, here's the proof! I honestly think a lot of these people lied a little bit, in the same way many criminals sometimes do to seem more innocent than they really are.

That said, sometimes things DO happen (like people are at the wrong place/wrong time) but A) I don't believe that usually ever applies to soliciting prostitutes and B) if someone was talking about including their kid, and you don't shut that conversation down? That really says something about you. I mean this is common sense...I'd be freaked the fuck out and would be like "yeah no..." I mean who goes along with that? It says quite a bit about his character.

And tbh even the counselors came across as manipulative, like they tried to claim that these guys are really innocent and society doesn't do enough to understand them. I actually think it's a little fucked that these people live pretty ok but those who commit light sentences get treated way harsher. Says a lot about how we view "justice". This kid got to camp outside because he's very privileged, not because he's a genuinely good person.