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I could probably sum this up in two words: Buy it. I am not going to bother going in to the details of the premise of the film itself as that has already been established. I will say that I have a LOT of concert DVD's and Blu Ray's from a variety of bands and this is by far the best sounding concert film I have yet to experience. This isn't Pink Floyd -you would think the title would give that away - but Roger Waters gathered an impressive cast of musicians for this tour and his musical vision is fully fleshed out on some of the songs. From the first exploding riff of In the Flesh (Part 1), to the final dramatic chaos of The Trial, you are engulfed by a perfect mix of at times numerous instruments and vocals and does it ever sound glorious. As if that weren't enough, visually it is absolutely stunning. Cuts of not only Waters himself, but of his fellow musicians and shots of the crowd are blended almost to perfection. The stage show itself - with giant puppets and the wall itself being used as a backdrop for a constant barrage of visuals - is captured in all it's glory. I don't want to just concentrate on the concert either as the actual shots of Waters on his travels to Italy capture the feeling of the internal search Pink is going through in the story of The Wall perfectly, which I'm pretty sure was at least part of the plan for this film.

Extra's include 2 songs from 02 show, with David Gilmour performing Comfortably Numb and Nick Mason joining at the end for Outside the Wall. You also get a slew of interviews with Waters promoting the film, talking about the savages of war-with at times a more than slight political bent- and also showing Waters with the crew and other musicians. There are also visits from Waters to other locales of past fallen war heroes, the most interesting being that of A Visit to Frank Thompson.

In closing, I wasn't fortunate enough to see this tour live and I'll kick myself for an eternity for that, but this release is a wonderful parting gift from a visionary artist who appears to have finally broken through his own personal wall for what should be documented for years to come as the highest standard for a performance release on any format.

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I bought the bare bones DVD from Wal-Mart for $10. It was the only version they carried, and $10 was about all I could afford at the time, but I was planning to pick up the blu-Ray when finances allowed it. Thanks for the review.


Floyd did The Wall at Nassau Coliseum for 7 nights. I didn't have a ticket for any.

First night the stadium was rushed, and over a thousand people went through busted glass to gain entrance without tickets. After that, there were barricades set up and you had to show your ticket twice before you reached the door.

One night I went and couldn't get a ticket. Scalpers wanted way too much. As I'm walking through the parking lot I hear these guys going "I wish I had a camera, no one is going to believe me." I thought the band was walking through the lot. Instead it was a group gathered around a car, watching a couple have sex on the hood. I saw them later, passed out under a tree. Thinking about it now, I should have gone through their pockets and took their tickets.

Having no luck any night, I went the last night and picked up five guys hitch-hiking. They gave me THE DRIVER a bottle of southern comfort, beer and as much pot I could smoke (I didn't say I was proud of this, plus it was the early 80s). I was fine till I stepped out of the car. Needless to say I did not get in. I did wake up about 3am after having a tube shoved down my throat at the nearby emergency room.

BTW: There's a great free bootleg over at youtube. They give a link where you can download the entire show, edited from different angles and great sound.

It was my only regret for over twenty years. When his tour was announced I went to all the NY shows. As an avid concert goer (Led Zeppelin opening night MSG 77 my first concert) I was not going to miss it this time. This movie is great. It really gives a feel like being there. But, live... Oh My God, it was heaven. I can die fulfilled.

One night I sat rather close to Republican nominee Donald Trump at MSG. Dumbass left after the first half.




I bought the "Roger Waters The Wall Special Edition - Amazon Exclusive [Blu-ray]" copy. I can't say what the "Amazon Exclusive" part means, but I really like this box set that includes a small poster, several photos on heavy card stock, as well as a book of photos and text. The book and box itself have a very nice feel to them, kind of like lamb skin is the best way I know to describe it. Otherwise it's the same 2 disc Blu-Ray release. I regret never being able to see the concert live in person, but this is the next best thing. Awesome picture and sound of course.

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So glad I didn't listen to any reviews that complained about the Roger Waters narratives that are interspersed throughout the film. They are few and actually add to the experience. Unbelievably awesome film of the live show (which I saw twice).


I'm somewhat of a new Pink Floyd fan and didn't know what to expect. I bought the film on blu-ray yesterday, and didn't plan on it. I've watched it twice since. It's THAT amazing ! I was and still am completely blown away by the concert and I did not mind at all when the film cut away to show Waters on his personal journey. It's actually very touching to watch that story unfold. But man that concert footage is unbelievable... as is the music !