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Am I the Only One...? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

To think Emma is played to be someone who is in her early 20s? There is something really childish about her-I know that it is supposed to be part of her charm, but it is irritating. I know they try to explain away the fact that Emma isn't aware that her business is failing, but it is still a stretch. Book sales are down everywhere! The fact that she has seemingly no idea of what the Internet is shows that she is not truly capable of running a modern business, even with brunette guy's help.

Also, is this supposed to be friction between Emma and her future brother-in-law? It seems that way from the beginning, but it doesn't get explored at all, besides the fact that he doesn't help the sister plan the super rushed wedding.


I thought in the beginning we were supposed to sympathize with Emma as she resisted Eric's pushy suggestions as to how to run her business. Hallmark's plots usually take the romantic view of small, neighborhood businesses threatened by some kind of modern development by a person with no heart.
However, I found Emma so childish and unlikeable, I was confused as to Hallmark's message. If they were, contrary to their past themes, actually trying to show she was stubborn, stupid and behind the times, they managed to confound me.
The Prince Charming was another confusing factor. He asked Emma out immediately after meeting her--he didn't even ask if she was single. As time went on, Emma learned practically nothing about him, as far as we know. It was very odd.
I have to say the movie improved after Emma had a change of heart and seemed to grow up. It ended up being quite pleasant.