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Feminist are actually bullying women in gaming.

This is Sushi lulu, who did not appreciate being used the way she was in that ABC Nightline piece about gaming promoting Anita and her threat narrative.
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Dr. Layman

As you can see, she's been abused not by gamers, but by feminists who need to promote their threat narrative.


You realize this makes you look obsessed and creepy, right? Which anyone could also be further convinced of by clicking on your IMBD user name and checking out your prior posts. I mean, there's a definite pattern.



But in this documentary, we actually see and hear women being incessantly harassed while they're playing games with men. I'm sure that doesn't happen all the time, but it's not like it's some phantom allegation. The evidence is right there onscreen.


Men harass men more. Why isn't that show. This is more slanted BS. Anita Sarkeesian was being harassed when she was doing Tropes Vs Women before GG.


Is that supposed to make us feel better? I don't think there is need for any kind of harassment or bullying in gaming culture, whether it's aimed at women or men. This film appears to be a cry for help and inclusion, yet all I'm seeing is insults and accusations being thrown from people with strong dislike for a few of the women involved. Is there any chance you would just hear them out? What is your fear exactly?



You realize this makes you look obsessed and creepy, right?

What's "creepy" is that people seem to be this indifferent to injustice and false narratives. Its why the media is as bad as it is, because they know they will get away with it, no one will check, until now.

And we see the pattern repeat again,evidence is countered with what? "you're creepy", sorry, not legitimate. I find indifference to the veracity of such toxic charges laid at the feet of so many people "problematic". You can't preach concern while having no concerns for standards of evidence when accusations are made against the "wrong kind" of people.

She's right though, there's definitely a group or section of feminism that's more bullying and damaging than they'd like to believe. A simple disagreement or difference of opinion with them means instant harassment. Those types are downright hypocritical.

And we most recently saw this with Joss Whedon, receiving hundreds if not more threats and harassment over twitter for his supposed "sexist" portrayal of the Black Widow in the Avengers movie.

Just a wall of sjw/feminist twitter hatred directed at him over basically nothing.

Also touched upon by Joe Rogan

Anita Sarkeesian's writer Johnathan McIntosh was also throwing Joss under the bus by calling the movie sexist, and hell, even the entire comcept of comic book super heroes sexist, and Joss has earlier cozied up to the two to slander gamergate as "klan day care".
Goes to show, you can't buy yourself immunity from casually made accusations of being against women these days, even with pandering.

And he was warned of this long ago.
Anita Sarkeesians 'death threats' and Joss Whedons 'misogyny'!

Most of the time this kind of thing is not reported, when someone says the wrong thing about Justin Beiber and his female fans go on a crusade, its shrugged off, its not spun into a threat narrative, because frankly it doesn't work for men. So prevalence and significance is distorted, much as with how crime is perceived as worse than years past because of ever present 24/7 (it bleeds it leads) news coverage, it doesn't matter if the truth is that crime is down across the board, perception is distorted, because fear sells.

When this stuff is reported, it is minimized, or excused, and people who are scared, or don't want the political inconvenience, take the easy way out. Whedon would not have backed out so easily if the accusation was that gamers had harassed him off twitter, you can be certain of that.

The case of the Calgary Expo and the Honey Badger Brigade is yet another case of feminists proving that they are not only willing to trample on people, they proved that they are the establishment, not the underdogs the keep trying to portray themselves as.

All Alison Tierman did at that comic convention panel was ask to answer a question, was granted permission, and answered it in a civil manner.

Find the Harassment

And for this she was expelled from the convention, without refund for their booth, told to tear down a booth which took hours to construct in 10 minutes, severely damaging their own property, and banned for life from all company venues in canada for life.

This is the level of real life abuse feminists are willing to commit.

Banned for not Damselling

What would Fluttershy do?

Tropes vs Gamers pt 1: Microtransactrions and the Damsel

What did Alison do which was so transgressive that it required this excessive a response? She was a woman, who questioned their narrative. Being that its much harder for them to just call her "creepy" or a "misogynist", they had to destroy her.

Feminists and the expo spent their time justifying their decisions pointing to an article from The Mary Sue, which has a disclaimer as follows.
immunizing them from all liability from any dishonesty they publish, because apparently standing behind their words is too much to ask.

The rest of the links

I've noticed for quite some time now, the self righteous have become the most willing to commit harm... and its finally hit people who will just not back down, people have had enough.

It doesn't matter what they show in the documentary, if you play with millions of gamers out there, you are bound to find someone who will troll you. The issue is how you handle it, if you feed the troll, you've failed, and that is on you, if you git gud as they say, then there is nothing they can argue against. Its a non issue for good players in most cases, and frankly when small children are around, they troll literally anyone, which is more of a case of there not being age restricted servers online than anything else. But for the most part, like crime reporting, this issue is exaggerated, and rather deliberately, if you go out to find somethings, you will find it.

Furthermore, many of the people claiming they were harassed are no stranger to this behavior themselves. Just yesterday this guy a well known anti gamergate person made it clear he was just fishing for reactions, he was looking for people to toy with.

This is the norm, to show their "cred" they have to self righteously instigate and look for trouble to justify their ideology.

Brianna Wu is no "victim".
She didn't even leave her home in the time she claimed to have fled, she's been out there doing media tours for months now like the rest of them, the idea she's in fear is a fabrication, and exaggeration because its the only way she merits coverage at all, her game most certainly doesn't.
Its gone as far as concocting sarin gas threat accusations
and beyond her sock puppet accounts like "drake harper" (google it), she forgot to log out of her admin account before posting stuff like this before...

So when I say there are some credibility issues here...its putting it lightly.

Quinn was a member of a doxing a cyberbullying forum "hell dump", one of the most notorious early internet forums because it achieved a body count by pushing people to suicide.
and more recent articles on what she's done.
These aren't innocents, they are people who are spinning a narrative.

Again, going back to what the media chooses to show you, and what really is.
This was the #GamerGate meetup in Washington DC
Photo Gallery of Event
All ages, shapes sizes, genders, races etc, and what did the feminists and sjw's do? There was a bomb threat.
Did these people let it keep them down? No, after police cleared it, they continued their party. But most publications either failed to cover hundreds of people meeting up after 9 months of defending themselves from vicious slander under the banner of a hashtag, and pointing out the corruption in the system.

Milo and Mom give a speech
Ryo Flamel

These people have been labeled by people in this documentary as "misogynists" and worse. People on their side have called gamergate people worse than ISIS, they routinely dehumanize and make these people the out group so they can legitimize them as targets for attack.

The rest of the meetup links

There will be more in coming weeks and months.

And lets not forget Protein World. What did feminists feel entitled to do when they were offended by posters? They vandalized, then came a bomb threat, and then they worked to remove the companies right to advertise.

The "threat narrative" seems to actually hide the fact that there are wolves in sheep's clothing. For all the claimed abuse out there, the people trampling peoples rights, from freedom of speech to even just being able to attend conventions or even post advertisements are feminists. There is a clique out there who are using this narrative to impose their ideology on everyone else, and bully everyone into submission.

virtualmetal »
Is there any chance you would just hear them out? What is your fear exactly?

You should ask the feminists who banned the honey badgers from conventions for life that question. You should ask all the feminists who defend the false narrative pushed by publications and media which have no concern with being factual. You should ask why you think people haven't been given a chance to hear these people out when their media influence is such that they have documentaries, and basically endless media tours where they peddle this threat narrative for notoriety and profit. You should ask why these people are so fearful of criticism they usually close comments and ratings on anything they do, most article posts have comments premoderated or just disabled, Anita Sarkeesian's videos of course are all comment and ratings disabled. When comments were finally allowed in that ABC Nightline hit piece, it became one of the lowest rated videos ever on youtube, and countless women and men made civil criticisms of the piece which garnered thousands of thumbs up ratings on each comment, and ABC probably under pressure for Sarkeesian deleted the comments, they censored because they feared exposure for pushing a false narrative. Only under significant pressure, the comments were brought back.
And since then, its been and endless "hearing out" of their distorted narrative, as people like Brianna Wu go on the convention and college lecture circuit spreading disinformation about gamergate and "harassment". Its been entirely one sided, so when people ask if we've been listening, oh, yes, that's all we've been doing, and what frightens them is we have been documenting what they have been saying, and are not going to back down.

You should ask why even the porn star Mercedes Carerra who supports GamerGate has a stem degree(engineering) and industry experience, while the infamous three women who have been making the most noise on this issue pretending they speak for the industry do not.
#GamerGate Debate: Mercedes Carrera vs Chris Kluwe: Harassment, Ethics, Doxxing-David Pakman Show

You should ask why Justine Tunney of Occupy Wallstreet supports #GamerGate.
Justine Tunney (Founder of Interview on #GamerGate (Highlights)
Video Game Journalism (YTheAlien)

You should ask why #SPJethicsweek on twitter was taken over by gamers
and why they are being given a hearing now.

You should ask why Salon which used to publish articles written by the likes of Christopher Hitchens now posts articles by the likes of Arthur Chu.

You should ask why the video which set this all off is misrepresented, listen for yourself and see how quickly the supposed "harassment" victim is dismissed from relevance.
Internet Aristocrat - Quinnspiracy Theory [Mirror]-GamerGaters

You should ask if this is all about "harassing women" why this was posted 4 years ago by the same person on his previous channel

Internet Aristocrats concern over the media was made clear in this video uploaded on another channel 4 years ago
Destroying the narrative 4 Years Ago, Gamergate-Aus

You should ask why this inconvenient fact is left out about Sarkeesian
Anita Sarkeesian Debunked in Under a Minute

This is the tip of the iceberg, from 9 months of deliberate misreporting.


Like I said, obsessed and creepy. You realize nobody actually reads posts that go on forever with umpteen links? It just reinforces the notion that you are paranoid.


GTFO Documentary Kickstarter about Sexism & Gaming (Save Your Money!)

We are "obsessed" because they are obsessed with this narrative.

Sorry but we aren't funding these "documentaries" they are, that is from 2 years ago.

No one cares?

Funny you say that because that is exactly the issue. No matter how much people say they don't care about something like midgets in turtle collecting, you have trouble makers insisting that turtle aficionados are totally bigoted against midgets.

All I have to do is say you care, and then it is true.


What a whopper of a red herring. The issue of Randi Harper (as reported entirely by partial sources) is irrelevant to the issue of misogyny in gaming. All that these pages prove is that, indeed, anti-feminists and the Gamergate crowd don't like people who point out misogyny.



Okay we get it, you hate women. And this is somehow about "ethics in games journalism", right? The gamergate cliche in full effect...