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When is a docu going to show the true story of Anita S. and Brianna Wu?

I mean one that shows and investigates the connection of Anita Sarkeesian to people like Bart Bagget selling "handwriting classes" to unsuspecting gullible people or Alex Mandossian and her previous involvement with pyramid schemes and teleseminars?

And how she is using Anonymous empty "Internet threats" she deliberately baits for as PR push for her career as grievance monger similar to Jack Thompson before her.

One that shows us what a large majority of women and "female gamers" actually think about her and doesn't just interview the same 20 San Francisco-based faces.

This for instance was the reaction to her appearance on The Colbert Report among said:

And her ABC Nightline hitpiece on gaming and Grand Theft Auto in the footsteps of Jack Thompson:

Jack Thompson on the same programme back in 2006:

And when are we going to stop hearing what grand victims people like Brianna Wu are, undertaking grand media tours across news media based on vague threats by an Anonymous Twitter account?


HuffPost Live:


BBC radio:

CNN a second time:




Al Jazeera:

ABC Nightline:

And start instead hearing about their insanity and engaging in "social media shaming" of industry professionals:

For instance how Brianna will apparently have no "mansplaining" or "manjacking" from anyone:

How they were engaged in shaming gaming journalists into compliance long before the recent media frenzy: and claimed that Giantbombs readers "sent 7 rape threats" due to that article without any evidence:

How Brianna apparently can't even visit a tech conference without being "catcalled 5 times":

How they attack gaming engine producers like Unity for advertizing their breast physics: and make female employees having to "apologize" for that great affront:

How they attack the Oculus development team for not being "diverse" enough: (with said developer deleting his Twitter after said conversation) then running to Gawker Networks to get them to write up a story:

How they attacked Lionhead Studios over their engagement in "#NationalCleavageDay":

How they attacked another gaming engine producer, Reality Engine for "unconscious sexism":

How they were attacking female journalists for not agreeing with them:

This is a documentary I'd like to see, I'm tired of hearing how big of a victim these people are: when they are anything but, they are social media parasites making their money (in some cases hundreds of thousands a year): by selling their victimhood to passersby without any idea about the greater details. I'm tired of hearing how the "gaming industry" or "movie industry" or "technology industry" are full of "sexism" and "misogyny" because someone out there in the world might have sent them something less than nice on Twitter that one time and how this makes it a "problem" that the entire world should care about.


Holy *beep* Bart Bagget is still around?? I only know him from some self-hypnosis relaxation tape from the mid 90s, but his voice was so distinctive that it's really hard to forget. And I remember he also sold the handwriting courses, but I never learned much about them.

It's just weird to see such a random obscure name from the past pop up in this contemporary context.


#GamerGate: Actually, it's About...

Reveals interesting things about Anita's writer, Johnathan Mcintosh, things "journalists" should have found, yet it took anons to do the job...


When will a documentary like you propose be produced? When making a movie becomes easier than mobbing women over the internet.

Challenging widespread misogyny inspires more effort than enabling it.



Oh no all these reliable media/news outlets disagree with my baseless assertions and poor attempts at character assassination, clearly they are ALL in the pocket of big feminism.

how about you respond to the actual documentary instead of throwing out some "shady activities" some of the people shown in the documentary have engaged in in the past and claiming that somehow disproves everything the documentary claims?


Plenty of people have replied to the claims in this movie, and they were ignored and called misogynists. The bottom line is that men get "harassed" much more than women in those games. So, the bottom line is that women are already not just being treated like men, but actually better.

You can call it character assassination, but in the real world, disseminating a person's credibility is a valid form of evidence.

Why can't you be a non-conformist like everyone else?


Brianna Wu: "Men are not the subject of endless harassment."

What about your friend Phil Fish? Guess if he gets death threats up the wazoo for being anti-GG, he doesn't count because he has a penis.