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Help settle a bet about Julia Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston kissing

Okay me and my wife are looking for others to help us settle a little wager we made about this...

We both know it was staged and that all spouses were totally cool with it.

My wife says it takes a really strong marriage and a very special relationship to trust their spouse enough to make out with actors and actresses like that on TV.

I told her I don't think those marriages are better or more special than others, I think those marriages are just like any other marriage, they're just celebrities.

So the question is:
Are celebrity marriages stronger than others?

I say NO, she says YES

BTW: This is not a serious argument, we both laughed about it afterwards, but we thought it would be fun to post the question on the board and get some feedback. The loser has to take the other one out to dinner.


so whose right and whose wrong?

I don't think it's a matter of right/wrong- whatever works for you and your's important to respect your s.o.'s feelings. That being said- I don't see kissing as "cheating" ever and esp when scripted and all parties are on-board.



The point I was trying to make to my wife is that I don't believe that Hollywood marriages are more secure or stronger than others just because they're cool with their spouses making out with the opposite sex.


They weren't really making out. they were acting.

It was a joke, and i don't think that it had anything to do with having a strong marriage. These people do this for a living.

Swing away, Merrill....Merrill, swing away...


Maybe I just didn't explain our little bet well enough...
We knew it was all just a staged joke and they were just acting,
TRUST ME...we get that

I am not judging these people, so there's really no need for others to try to defend it as a joke or just acting, that wasn't the point of our wager.

Yes, This is what these people do for a living...I get that
But that doesn't mean their marriages are STRONGER than others

My point is, just because you're in on the joke and you don't have a problem with someone swapping spit with your spouse in front of millions of people, it doesn't make your marriage better or special and it doesn't mean people who are not cool with it, have character flaws or trust issues.

My wife seems to think celebrities who do this are on a much higher relationship level and that you have to have some sort of super special marriage to pull this off, I say bull, you just have to be the kind of person who doesn't mind sharing their spouse for a joke or a paycheck, that doesn't mean your marriage is better or special, it just means that your marriage is different.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to respond, I'm ahead on the bet so far and it looks like a trip to my favorite steakhouse this weekend!


right, i got what you said.

i'm just saying that it's acting and it's a job. they weren't even kissing. they were doing a theatrical kiss.

I am sure that they spoke to their significant others and if either of them wasn't on board with the joke, they wouldn't have done it. Cranston seems to be the type of guy who would say, hey, The wife is not with it, so no, i can't....(but then again, his scenes with Anna Gunn....LOL)

I do seem to remember an actor talking about or being talked about, that his wife was so insecure about a love scene she made a point of being on set while the scene was being filmed, which absolutely affected the acting.

i'll meet you both at the steakhouse. save a seat for me!

Swing away, Merrill....Merrill, swing away...


Thanks again for proving my point...

The wife has finally conceded...I think she finally got it!

These are just normal people doing a job and sometimes that requires faking intimacy with others. That doesn't require a super special marriage, just a mutual agreement.

I also pointed out to her that these relationships are not on a higher level, the reason they check with the other spouse before they do stuff like this is because they run the risk of somebody getting their feelings hurt. That's what normal people do when they care and respect each other, you don't have to have a super duper relationship to do that, just use your common sense.

I finally drove my point home when I asked her this...

"Okay Dr. Ruth, tell me this...If these celebrity marriages are so much stronger than others, why is it that a few of them got so carried away with their acting and just doing their jobs, that they ended up getting emotionally involved and leaving their current relationship for their co-stars?"

(sound of crickets...)

SO I WIN THE BET!!! These are not super special marriages, they have the same pitfalls, jealousies and insecurities as any other marriage. The only difference is the size of their paychecks.

Thanks again for the reply...
We'll make sure to save a seat for you at the steakhouse,
BTW: How do you like your steak?...LOL


Medium Well, baked potato and salad w/blue cheese dressing. and a black russian for the victory toast!!!!

Swing away, Merrill....Merrill, swing away...