One of the better DCOMs

I thought this movie was better than most. The interaction between the two main characters was really sharp. The plot was believable (for a disney movie) and all the characters seemed like real people except for the girls dad.


I agree with you 100% :) Aside from Monica's Dad, I really enjoyed this one!


I caught it on premiere night. Excellent all the way around. Immediately moved into my Top 5 DComs. Then caught the second half again this week. Seriously contending for my Top 3. (Threatening Radio Rebel for No. 1.) The behind-the-scenes promos with Leigh-Allyn Baker and Laura Marano together sold me. They clearly had great chemistry together and that showed throughout the film.

(I saw the delightful Howl-A-Rooney episode of Liv and Maddie this week, where Laura let loose as the wolf girl teaching Liv to channel her inner wolf for that Space Werewolves movie. Laura seemed to be channeling Leigh-Allyn — or maybe Leigh-Allyn channeled Laura-as-wolf-girl when filming Bad Hair Day.)

Yeah, I know filankey is not a word, but it's gonna catch on.


Like this one and liked Radio Rebel, so
Jimmie, curious what you top five are in case I have missed a good one?!


At this point (March 22) my Top Five are:

1. Radio Rebel
2. Lemonade Mouth
3. Bad Hair Day
4. Wizards of Waverly Place, The Movie
5. Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

These are movies I've seen all of. The list might change once I see Teen Beach Movie all the way through. I liked the parts I saw, but having seen some of the original 1960s beach party movies, I wasn't sure I wanted to see a spoof version.

I missed others over the last eight years, and saw only parts of Zapped. If I made a Top 10, the Suite Life On Deck movie might land at 7 or 8. The Kim Possible movies also would make the list.

Yeah, I know filankey is not a word, but it's gonna catch on.


No arguments, but I would have to include in my top list

Smart House

High School Musical

Johnny Tsunami


Lemonade Mouth

Radio Rebel


Bad Hair Day

OK, I clearly need a top ten!


Top five Dcoms of this century, rated by me.

1. Minutemen - best DCOM ever is so many ways, acting, plot, writing

2. Motocrossed - very well acted, decent plot

3. High School Musical 1 - goes without saying due to its effect on the business.

4. Cloud 9 - Maybe best disney sports moive, better than Johnny Tsunami

5. Double Teamed - very good sports movie


I loved this movie. The cop lady was great. I could see her in something like the Heat.


I agree. I think the marketing for it could have been better. The title wasn't really appealing to me.