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Some POSITIVE observations!

First, let me just say that I really, really liked this movie! Yes, there were a few moments that were far-fetched, but for the most part, I was definitely captivated. It would be easy to nit-pick, but I'd like to stay positive and offer a few thoughts and observations:

1) I think the original story might have revolved around Portland, Maine, rather than Portland, Oregon, and at first it's not clear to the viewer which of the two is being referred to. There's a line about flying "up" to Portland, which would lead one to think they meant Maine. Then, for the rest of the movie, they go out of their way (even referring to the Trail Blazers) to tell us it's Portland, Oregon.

2) The writing/dialogue (credit: Beverly Nuako/Hanz Wasserburger) is very down-to-earth and natural.

3) One of the best things about this movie is Sophie's "support group": her friends who rally around her.

4) Amy Acker as Sophie is fabulous, but Charles S. Dutton as Harris, and Camille Mitchell as Jackie almost steal every scene they are in!

5) Harris's Big Encouraging Speech near the end ("We worked at it - we fought for it!") is truly heartfelt: I almost cried both times I watched it.

6) The actor who plays the head of Liam's publisher is not credited, but he looks so much like "Barrack Obama in glasses" that I almost laughed! He only appears in two very short scenes, but he'll be able to make quite a living someday portraying Obama.

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