Star Wars was based on Nixon?

Let's start by pointing out a basic historical fact. LBJ started the Vietnam war. Nixon ended it. People who attempt to associate the war with Nixon are either lying or ignorant. George Lucas has been around long enough, but as far as people know, Lucas never made his comment until 3 decades after the fact. It doesn't sound like a malicious lie like part of the media propaganda campaign to distort history. It sounds like a cheap publicity stunt. You could literally have said Star Wars was based on anything, even a pair of underwear. It's something hidden from view, you put it on one leg at a time, and it might be dirty. Fill in the blanks. You know how ridiculous that sounds? People even use this to say George Lucas was using Star Wars to try and warn us about fascism. Imagine if the Wachawski brothers (sisters?) came out tomorrow and said the Matrix was based on anti-science Republicans and closeted transexuals. It sure seems like the opposite. Are we supposed to forget the direction the red pill meme has taken?

But it's more than a question of two politicians. The political left at the time was exceedingly pro-war. They explicitly supported LBJ over the anti-war Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was even officially labeled as clinically insane by the American Psychiactric Association on account of his opposition to the Vietnam war. That's straight out of Soviet Russia's scientific socialism. Sure there was a hippie subculture at the time of non-voting young people who didn't like LBJ any more than Occupy Wall Street liked Obama after his bank bailouts. And eventually LBJ was widely unpopular enough he couldn't even mount a re-election campaign. Nixon did, and he even won a second term. It was the media establishment who took him down, not the people.

You know what Star Wars was really about? The Phantom Menace was about false flags and unilateral trade deals like the TPP. On the subject of historical distortions, I've also heard people say Bush signed NAFTA even though it was Clinton. It was a major campaign issue and both were in favor of it, but Clinton outdid Bush with the hyperbole calling it the greatest opportunity of all time. People who recognize that might then say Clinton was a blue dog Democrat and wasn't really a liberal. Nonsense. It was Bush who wasn't really a conservative. NAFTA was opposed by people in fly-over states, not the coastal elite. George Lucas is positively a right wing extremist Trump supporter, a populist. That's why Star Wars resonates with people, and why new Star Wars is disposable social justice preaching. Why doesn't Lucas talk about this? Give him another 30 years and he might come out of the closet.


Interesting theory. Lucas would never admit to not being a part of the Cult of the New Left, however.


George Lucas is a classic liberal. However, classic liberals are getting farther and farther from modern left. So who knows what he thinks right now?



Even the stormtroopers look like Japanese warlords.


They were based on Flash Gordon characters before any Japanese influences, as Star Wars was going to be a Flash Gordon movie until the license was denied to George in the first half of the 1970's.

After that, he changed the storyline slightly and changed the characters slightly and added the Kurosawa influence.



Flash Gordon tried to warn us about the perils of stone masonry:


France started the Vietnam War.

Lucas' lesson is to show how a democracy becomes a totalitarian government. The answer is in the prequels. Notice how Palpatine started a war aka: an emergency, in order to give himself emergency executive powers which he keeps even after the "emergency" is over.

Soon, Trump will declare a "national emergency" of his own making in order to disenfranchise Congress' power. A very anti-Democratic move.

In the OT, the evil Empire is basically the Nazis. Notice the stormtroopers and Nazi uniforms worn by the Imperial officers. For really clueless people, the sequel trilogy is even more obvious and has Nazi imagery.



George Lucas quotes:

Lucas explored the question, “How do you turn over democracy to a tyrant with applause? Not with a coup, but with applause?” Lucas recalls, “That is the story of Caesar, Napoleon, and Hitler.”

"...The fact that fascism inspired the look and feel of the Empire is no secret. In fact, Star Wars creator George Lucas even refers to the Imperial officers in The Empire Strikes Back as “Nazis” while giving his commentary of the film. He specifically mentions their militaristic dress, noting, “The Nazis are basically the same costume as we used in the first film and they are designed to be very authoritarian, very empire-like.”

Lucas on democracy becoming a tyranny:

Lucas talks populism:

Star Wars was always political. You would know that if you had read the films' novelizations.


Nobody likes school, not even nerds. Lucas is not teaching anyone a lesson. The movies have universal appeal because we already hold their values, for concepts like good versus evil. Cut it out with that sanctimonious Church-Lady crap.

How could France start a war against their own colony? If you insist, Vietnam "started" the war by rebelling. Communism is the abolition of private property. The Vietnamese translated the Communist Manifesto and realized they hated communism. They wanted their private property back and became nationalist. But they pulled a George Lucas and waved the banner of communism while doing the opposite in an attempt to gain popular favor with the international progressive establishment.

Lucas isn't some political wonk obsessing over technique. He's a guy who paints in broad strokes, who probably absorbed through osmosis some of the orthodox political beliefs of his wealthy high status peers. Zionists like Spielberg and JarJar Abrams have never met a war they didn't like. That's why almost a century later we're still plagued with those clueless Nazi references you mentioned. Why are you afraid of Jews being put in gas chambers in 2019? They're also big fans of the TPP and NAFTA (like you). Maybe you do know why you're afraid. I bet if you asked Lucas, he would have all the politically correct opinions, yet his movies remain very instinctual. It's what psychiatrists call implicit versus explicit bias. Through socialization he has learned and tacitly accepts all the correct views and that's what we hear in his comments, but he's still his own man which comes out in his movies so we don't see any such political divides reflected in his fan base which even includes Alex Jones Infowars who loves him to death. Lucas is a true artist.

Another example that might make this more clear to people with Trump Derrangement Syndrome who want to make this all about Trump and pedantic teaching lessons for some reason, is Lucas's portrayal of ethnics. He gives foreign accents to many of his creatures. It's definitely unique, and sticks out like a sore thumb in today's culture. Pure Lucas. Social justice types criticize him for stereotyping. In his heart of hearts Lucas loves all people. It's just his way of depicting a multicultural universe. How else do you explain JarJar Binks? Lucas is a baby boomer and doesn't grasp virtue signaling. As someone against multiculturalism, I like it. He thinks it's beautiful. I think it's realistic. Social justice warriors think it's too revealing and want a more sanitized or idealized presentation, something more melting pot, homogenous, like the Borg. It's very dishonest hence unlike with original Star Wars, there is a political divide now with new Star Wars.

Preaching isn't teaching.


You just wrote a long-winded "France started the Vietnam War."

"How could France start a war against their own colony?"

The same way Britain started a war with its colony, the U.S., or have you not heard of the American Revolution?

You know hate speech is against moviechat's rules. You may want to go to Brietbart for your dumber comments.

"we don't see any such political divides reflected in his fan base"
You just proved that theory wrong.

"Preaching isn't teaching."
Ministers teach their flock through preaching every Sunday.

"Lucas is not teaching anyone a lesson. The movies have universal appeal because we already hold their values, for concepts like good versus evil."

Eastern philosophy and religion are not the values of most Americans. Lucas. like all artists, expresses himself in his work. His interests happen to be spiritual, political and historical, too. I linked those quotes in my previous comment re: his messages in Star Wars. Just scroll up for the links and his quotes.

Great films and TV shows are a reflection of society with lessons. Twilight Zone, All in the Family, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones are examples.

BTW, some of your comments place you on the side of the Evil Empire aka: Nazis.