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-70% weekend drop? No way...D: Will Godzilla vs. Kong be pushed back or not?

Godzilla..Monsters $14.4M (-70%) Yikes...

According to Deadline Hollywood it's going to drop a very shocking -70%. That's a really upsetting amount. Personally I think it'll end up making a slightly higher total but still a very disappointing drop nonetheless. Other than China and Japan, the rest of the world is unfortunately looking to follow suit.

What does this mean for the next chapter in Godzilla vs. Kong? The WB chairman hinted that it may move to a later date in the next year due to the low audience response. Does that mean possibly more reshoots and thus a higher budget? Is it already too late and are audiences tired of this particular monster movie-verse? I know I'm looking forward to it but I can't but help feel that it's facing an even bigger uphill battle than before the release of this movie.


There is no point in delaying the release or re-shooting scenes.


Then I would fear for it's prospects considering it'll have been two badly received Godzilla movies in a row. This 'monster-verse' is already on life support as it is unfortunately.


Yikes! And that after having a disastrously bad opening weekend!

The Kong vs Godzilla movie has already been shot, so I'm not sure what they can do about it now. Kong was a really enjoyable movie though. If not for the crappy marketing and bad release date, it would have done more respectable box office numbers I think.

The drop is actually almost exactly the same as the 2014 Godzilla movie, that movie just opened bigger.

At least this Monster Universe lasted longer than the Universal one.