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Preston Packard/Samuel Jackson's character...

This wasn't the first movie where he was like this...
[spoiler]Refresher for this one... He wants to take down Kong b/c he attacked and killed his men. Well intentioned, but TBF, Kong thought they were the bad guys. I reckon it's nothing Packard himself wouldn't do.
Plus killing Kong would be at the cost of the bigger picture[/spoiler]

There was another movie where he played that same role. IIRC, at least a 3rd one as well. Has this been his "MO" in recent films?


I think the film tried to further justify his actions by implying Sam Jackson's character was tired of losing. Not just losing men he was responsible for, but being constantly told he lost the war by the press and American people.

He may have seen calmer and saner days, but he was probably pushed over the edge after the Vietnam War ended, and refused to go back without any sort of satisfying victory.

I guess I could sort of see where he's coming from, but he was a very irritating character to watch for me. If this were real life, I would not like his plan at all. The odds of killing something that huge, on an uncharted islands full of other dangers, is extraordinarily small. In real life, it would take a huge army to take Kong down, not 5 men like they showed in the movie.


FWIW, he gets "movie magic" on his side (I think we've seen far worse plausibility), but still, point taken.