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Ghost or what spoilers i for those who care

Firstly wow, I um, there isn't a strong enough word for how bad of a movie this was. Just wow. That said I'm a little confused about 1 thing. This "ghost" could apparate, suck people into different dimensions,I guess cut them in half only to say [email protected]^k it and leave a few bodies here and there but all of a sudden can bleed and "re-die" did I miss something? Was it only corporeal because of the board or did the makers just kind of give up/ forget she was a ghost not a live raving cannibal girl who I still don't get why she had no hard feelings about her uncle/dad leaving her in chains to starve /dehydrate to death for 3 weeks.

(I mean i remember my dad left me alone with no food for a day when I was a young kid and I lost a tooth when he came in and I bit him )

You might be left with my hair but you have your mother's eyes,