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OT: Rate + Rank The Underworld Franchise and Films

1. Underworld Rise Of The Lycans-8.5/10
2. Underworld-8/10
3. Underworld: Evolution-7.5/10
4. Underworld Blood Wars-7/10
5. Underworld Awakening-6.5/10

Franchise As A Whole- 7.5/10

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans is IMO by far the best in The series, Its Damn good.

Underworld and Underworld Evolution are good

Awakening and Blood Wars are Weak IMO

I think the Franchise might be at an end though...This most recent Film(Blood Wars) made the least amount in the franchise, I'm not sure The Studio Will make another, Blood Wars did have a Small budget though of only 35 Million, So it didn't lose money, but it didn't make much either.

anyways, 5 Films...Pretty good franchise


I thought the three first were ok
Out of ten,
1. Underworld - 7
2. Underworld Rise Of The Lycans - 7
3. Underworld: Evolution - 6½
4. Underworld Blood Wars - 5½
5. Underworld Awakening - 4
The fourth movie was a very different movie in a different style, it had little to do with the previous movies and I thought it sucked. Unbelievably this is the most expensive movie of them all, but it looked really cheap in my opinion (perhaps because of the 3D - I only saw it on DVD no 3D). Underworld Blood Wars looked a lot better, it felt more like an "Underworld" movie, but unfortunately it just wasn't that good.


The first 2 are great, Rise of the Lycans is a decent prequel then it kinda went downhill from there.