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Such a dissapointment

I’m hoping the staff on this show read this. And I really don’t want to claim to know how to make a hit show given I’ve never worked in television. So disclaimer aside, I was really excited when I heard about this show. I’m a “rookie” level spear fisherman. i.e. nothing, but would love to learn more. I feel this show could be covering a very interesting sport / career. There are plenty of serious hunting and fishing shows out there. Why not take the same format here? You are losing us. Instead it is a constant “oh this is the most dangerous”, or trying to show some childish drama that isn’t even there. Come on, who are you trying to impress? Throw in the sharks. I’ve never had sharks mess with me. And I have seen great whites out here. I’ve had a seal mess with me, that wanted to play. That is about it. One mistake and… o.k. spear fishing is far…far from the most dangerous scuba diving, compared to wreck and cavern diving. The only danger is you get over ambitious and over extend your limits. Let’s focus on the legit aspects of the people’s business. Otherwise, this already started as a step towards “real garbage collectors of the OC”.. throw in some mist and 3 guys with their arms folded trying to look “tough”. Depressing that such a fresh idea has to suck up all the stale b.s. from other “Celebwannbeexplotation” shows.

17 year veteran of the console game industry.