Great game...

until the final boss fight.

A really good survival game that kept me engrossed from beginning until, well the final boss fight.
As you progress you learn new skills, craft an arsenal of weapons with home-made upgrades. So the final boss fight you have worked towards for hours is going to be a satisfying conclusion where you use your learnt skills and weapons to defeat him...right?

No, its going to be a lazy and uninspired QTE instead.
Seriously, developers need to stop this sh!t and stop ruining games with this cop-out, overused, dull conclusions.
They built a really impressive game mechanic with the Parkour, skill trees and pelethora of custom built weapons.
This could have been a great final boss fight where you utilise everything you have leant along the way.

But instead we get; "press A, press B, press Y, press X, press B...cutscene tap A"...end.

I didn't put 30 odd hours into this game to be met with a lazy QTE.
Such a disappointment.

And so, God came forth and proclaimed widescreen is the best.
Sony 16:9


Yeah, I agree. The ending was so bad! I hate Q.T.E sequences like this


I disagree. Just to get where Rais was up on the tower was a pain in the butt. I'm glad that I got to enjoy the ending without stressing about failing.


The REAL boss of the game is the Rais Tower... not Rais itself... he is just a human, and a human can die rather easily...