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What city is this supposed to be?

I know it says only Canada. When she wakes up in the hospital, she is told she is at Penn General Hospital (?). Is this a reference to Pennsylvania? There are shots of a riverfront and lights from the city skyline. Is this taking place in US or Canada? Anyone know?
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“Forget and Forgive” was filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Incendo Productions. Incendo is a Canadian film company, headquartered in Montreal, that specializes in made-for-TV movies. If you visit their website, you can see that they filmed “Forget and Forgive” in Montreal. (Well, some scenes were filmed in a rural area. Those scenes were likely filmed in rural Quebec Province.)

Incendo wants us to believe that this story takes place in the U.S. We see U.S. flags, we hear that Ingrid entered the U.S., and we hear “Penn General”. (There is, I believe, no Penn General Hospital or Pennsylvania General Hospital in real life.)

There are several Canadian film companies that will often shoot a film in Canada but place the story in the U.S. or, at least, hint that the story takes place in the U.S. Why do they do this? They probably think (or perhaps market research suggests) that a story placed in the U.S. has wider appeal.

These companies will go to some trouble to foist the illusion of a story set in the U.S. Frequently, a shot of a familiar U.S. city skyline or other landmark will appear early in the movie to kick-off the illusion. There might be U.S. flags on buildings, New York or Washington State license plates on cars, and U.S. Postal Service (blue) mailboxes on street corners. And, of course, for films shot in Quebec Province, there will be a complete absence of French-language signs.



"Cum Grano Salis"


Hey folks,

While filmed in Canada, I think it is supposed to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Early in the film, while she is in the hospital, she is visited by her detective partner who identifies himself as a Philadelphia cop. Philadelphia does have a waterfront on the Delaware River, and there are many docks and warehouses for mile up and down the river on both sides. They used Pennsylvania plates on the one car they used, and they had a scene of a green suspension bridge crossing the river with a commuter train under the roadbed.

Philadelphia has several suspension bridges crossing the Delaware river to New Jersey, but only one of them also carries a commuter train along the roadway, and it is the Ben Franklin bridge. It has been some time since I have been across the Ben Franklin bridge, but it is very distinctive for is bold blue paint color. I may be wrong, but I doubt very much if the bridge in the film was the Ben Franklin.

Oh well, I enjoyed the film even if it was not Philadelphia.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile