So confused . . .

So, Eve was in a car accident that killed her father, married this guy whose wife is dead, moved into late wife's house, which is haunted by a housekeeper and the ex wife?

Who poisoned the ex-wife? The sister, ex wife, and housekeeper looked to much alije for me to understand all of the images that we saw at the beginning if the climax.

Is the sister of the ex-wife alive?


Eve's parents died in a car accident. Tom's parents did too. Not sure why they made sure to tell us that, didn't seem relevant, except so that we would know they both had no family left.

Tom's first wife, not his ex, Margo died too. She got sick, I don't believe she was poisoned. However the symptoms she had were important to the story.
Mrs. Menabar died awhile ago, and her story ended with her death. We only see a pic of her, she is not in the movie.

Margo's ghost remained in the house, where she knew Tom would return, since he was not allowed to sell the house because of what she stipulated in her will.
Okay from my understanding, Margo died of a disease that caused her to see things, become lethargic, dizzy etc. I don't believe she was poisoned. Now Margo knew Tom would return but she did not anticipate that he would bring a new wife home. So Margo pretended to be Mrs. Menabar the housekeeper so she could gain the new wife's trust, so she could rid of her. Not sure if she was poisoning her, or drugging her so she would exhibit the symptoms Margo did.

Margo (while pretending to be Mrs. Menabar) even tried to convince Eve that, Tom was poisoning her, by saying Tom cooked for her often before she died and now he was cooking for Eve. Margo also made Eve believe she was seeing/hearing things, like she did by making doors open and banging on things.

Margo's sister, Wendy was alive. She was an angry, bitter [email protected] because she was with Tom first, Margo stole him away, then she got him back after she died, but he left her again and was suddenly married to Eve. Tom married her sister and Eve but never her.

I'm not sure how the old ladies tie into the story, but they seemed to contribute to the notion that Margo was poisoned and now Eve was next. I still am not sure if Margo was or wasn't poisoned, but I don't think she was, because her ghost wasn't seeking revenge, she just wanted to be with Tom. I think the old guy was supposed to kill him in the house, so his ghost could be with Margo, forever. Margo's ghost was probably haunting him, forcing him to carry out some of her orders.

I felt like some useless info was shown in the movie, while some useful info was left out. Made the film a little confusing. What I wrote was my take on the film.


Thanks for this! I guess that explains why Mrs. Menabar and and dead wife looked so much alike, lol.


Awesome explanation.

It looked like the dead wife could not leave the house to go outside, so when she got sick, she wanted her husband to always be with her. I believe she knew she was dying so she was getting those books at the library, not because she was checking to see if her husband was poisioning her, but to see how she could poison him, so that he would always be with her. She never wanted her husband to leave her and said she would hold him to it. She thought if he died too, he would always be in the house. She died before she had a chance to poison him. I might be 100 percent wrong, but that's my take on it.