So much potential...

So much disappointment. :/

I am interested in the subject matter, and I'm fine with some experimental elements in a film. I don't need a story spoon fed to me by any means. The script is just plain lacking in depth and the characters are bland caricatures whose decisions are so utterly opaque and nonsensical based on what little we know about them, it is infuriating at times. In one character's name, I could guess the role she would play within seconds purely because of her obviously Latin name. The only reason I'm writing this post is because I do think the writers and director can probably do better and I will probably check into their future work. (It's not uncommon for new talent to have a rocky start or ups and downs but then soar to great heights later on down the road. If they keep to this kind of subject matter, I will want to be around to see it happen.)

The jumps to alternate realities/timelines are supposed to be connected to the main research topic and I can see how that COULD have been adequately explored in a better written film (like Arrival[/i] for an excellent recent example, or hell even [i]Triangle). Instead they're more about artificially keeping the viewer in the dark about a certain character's nature. Like a structural equivalent of someone shouting "Nevermind that, look over here!"

Some day, someone will make an amazing new film exploring consciousness and the nature of the universe. Some day. I hope when that day comes, this film will be taken as an example of how NOT to do it.