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The main problem with all these STUPID movies.

The problem with all these "horror" movies are the characters. Annoying pieces of $hit people.

Why are we going to be scared? Why would we care if these annoying idiots die?

In we're to be scared we have to feel for the characters. We have to care for the characters. Who would feel for these people?

When horror movies start making sympathetic relatable characters only then will the movies be good. Until then, fvck these movies.


Well pvt. I think the word is "sympathetic", in the sense you share their feelings. You share . . . you care. So many of modern characters would be the ones you would maneuver away from at a party for fear of having to listen to them all night. Why spend good money to hang with a bunch of them for two hours? I think such movies entice us to loathe a character so we can rejoice in his (usually) death. I've often thought: "Oh, will somebody shoot this A-hole!!??". They're often not a real bad-guy, just stupid or annoying; so it's like rooting for the death of regular person. Kind of insidious and mean-spirited, but it gets a cheer or a laugh.


That's not my point though. If this were a slasher flick like Jason or Halloween or nightmare on Elmstreet then yeah, you're rooting for the villian and want the characters to die. But this is a supposed horror movie. If the characters were ones you cared about that would make the horror more real.