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Good, but extremely frustrating...

Most of the frustrating parts are pretty passable but... *SPOILER* When the bitch got up after being dragged by a car and neglected to let the two young men take her to care?!? I understand shock and paranoia, but come on girl! *END SPOILER* I've literally stopped watching to post this, I hope the ending redeems itself because I'd like to give it a good rating. I think overall it was well executed.

"Oh... I'm not afraid."
-Pamela Vorhees


I think that in her scattered mind after the car hitting her she was on flight mode and was just trying to get away from him. All she was thinking was GET UP, GET AWAY. She didn't care how injured she was she seemed in flight mode. I know how you felt cus I thought the same thing. But, I was so tense and praying for her to get up before he found her on the ground that I wanted her to just keep running too! Just get as far as you can!