Garbage logic

SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!, college girl is back in town, there is news of a murder (or a series of murders?) in her hometown. Knows there's a curfew, literally talks to the sheriff about said curfew, stays out after curfew, goes home alone, random creepy as *beep* dude shows in the yard, and instead of calling the police, she calls her brother then tells him not to worry about coming home? When said creepy ass dude makes his way into the house (I forget the sequence of events exactly), she stands around a corner, knowing he's coming around that corner, casually waits upstairs to die, runs into her brother at some point who arrives home, then instead of ganging up on the dude, they meander about inside, waiting to become victims. When she goes to the neighbor's house- instead of using her *beep* words to say, "golly...thanks for opening up mister, there is a killer in my house, don't open the door when he comes knocking...oh, he's knocking right now. I'll just stand here and wait to die...oh wait, he's stabbing you. I'll perhaps run now. Sorry about your bad luck...byeeeeeee!"

Then when hit by the car, instead of, again, USING HER *beep* WORDS to say, "hey guys, get into your perfectly working car, let's all drive away really fast as we call the police- I was running from a guy who killed my neighbor and my brother!", she hobbles off alone! Then, she goes to the convenience store, and again instead of using her words, the very ability god gave her to speak ideas and thoughts and emotions and such, she just runs to the back of the store and hides, again waiting to die until the police thankfully, with no help from this idiot, shoot the killer and we end the film

Such garbage logic. If the 40 minute preamble of precisely nothing to open the film wasn't bad enough (how many words did our main character use? Seven total? She was a total bore and I didn't care what happened to her), this garbage logic in the way she acted was so beyond stupid to make me hate her. I prayed for her death, because no one this stupid deserves to live.

A great concept, two tense nail biting scenes that were super well done, but the rest of the movie is utter crap, writing so bad and stupid it was offensive to me.

Stop giving horror a bad name by using these cliched nonsensical acts of logic for the characters in the story. That way, I can enjoy the experience and not spend the 90 mins yelling "oh my god, you *beep* idiot" over and over at the screen.