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Amazon 'fumbles' by cancelling THE REBELS

Seriously? Wtf amazon? This was one of the best pilots for 2014 and boy did you "drop the ball" by not getting behind this with every resource available to you. One of the most enjoyable pilots as far as entertainment, and with it being the 1st amazon show ive seen I didnt really know what to expect. That being said, I was generally impressed with every aspect of this one. The look, plot, choice of actors and even the monkey! Sad to see this one go.



I completely agree! Like word for word. Usually never comment but I was really excited about this show. Huge fumble!

I thought Zea and MacArthur had very good chemistry and a very good cast all-around. Everything was so well done - it's strange this gets thrown out when there are over 20 near-identical vampire/werewolf/"virus" series.

It would be nice if one talented author wrote a best-selling book on a team in random sport. After that maybe we'll get a sports-boom with the next 10 years only consisting of series, movies, spin-offs, prequels, sequels including of course teen-dramas about sports!! ;-)