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Siblings Series 2 Episode 2 Discussion

Another good episode and hopefully this trend continues throughout the series. I've noticed a trend that the writers seem to run out of jokes about 2/3 of the way through and the storylines go a bit too wacky and insane for my liking, but this is still a really funny program.


Wow! A lot going on in this second episode with multiple, intertwining story strands involving all the family members.

Really enjoyed the introduction of Dan and Hannah's eccentric, hippie, criminal aunt. More excellent guests on this episode. Sally Phillips is enjoyable as Aunt Leslie, but I particularly liked Alastair Roberts as the seriously creepy Ralph at the dance classes. Credit must go to Charlotte Ritchie and the make-up department too, Hannah looked SO ill at the music video shoot - she really did look like death warmed up.


Sparks Moran: "It was dusk. I could tell 'cause the sun had gone down"