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Siblings Series 2 Episode 1 Discussion

One of my favorite new comedies finally returned. I was worried as some of the later series one episodes kind of fell in quality, but the show was on point tonight.

I love Charlotte Ritchie in this role so much, and it's great to see a show that actually captures how douchebags behave.

I wish we had Tom stick around the office for a few more episodes, but I guess that would sort of defeat the purpose of what his character is about.



A good, solid start to the second series. I really liked the idea of Tom getting a job at Hannah's workplace and interacting with her co-workers.

There were some notable guest characters in this episode - in particular Matthew Steer was excellent as Kevin, whose eczema reached more and more extreme levels as the episode wore on.


Sparks Moran: "It was dusk. I could tell 'cause the sun had gone down"


Really like this show.

Very underrated.