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It's unreal how dead this forum is

perhaps the first ep of season two wasn't exactly a bomb, but it's still awesome.

This comedy is underrated in a spectacular way.

... I wonder if anyone is gonna see this post...

...and jesus wept for there were no more worlds to conquer



It's because bbc do nothing to promote it. I only found the first series because I commute and was trawling iplayer for something to watch.

It's one of the better comedy/sitcoms the BBC has put out recently espeically compared to the 60s rehashed cliches they keep dragging out.


For me I happened upon Siblings due to other interests.

It started with loving Brooklyn 99 and wanting to see what else Andy Samberg was in. That lead me to Cuckoo which was just excellent even in Season 2 when he wasn't on the show. In a closing credits "stick around" blurb they mentioned Siblings and I figured I'd just check it out.

Siblings is HILARIOUS. Season 2 so far has been exceptional. The last episode with the Golden Week was great. They pack a lot of content into such a small show... it's too bad more people don't know about it. They really should put this on Comedy Central in the USA.


Love this show.

But I only caught it randomly at 1am on Three.