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Europeans don't talk about matters below your navel

Why call it a dark side? It's a private side. None-of-your-business side. A high political office is a political office, not a religious profession. It's got nothing to do with whether this man is qualified for the job. Let's get rid of this double standard.


My guess is you have not been out of the US. There are PLENTY of European sex scandals.

Berlusconi committed every crime in the book but it was escorts and prostitutes that brought him down.


They call the addition the dark side.


I think there is a problem with prostitution. It should (obviously) be legal and regulated to be a safe "working environemnt". But the movie does show the real dark side. The girl didn't get into it because "she likes her job" like she said. All the prostitutes lied to him just to make him feel good about himself. In reality they do it because they like money, because of psychological problems or because they are desperate. A few might actually like the job. But most won't.

Honestly I don't know if I could ever vote for someone who uses prostitutes. And I'm an atheist. I don't want to judge normal people, but politicians - who make the rules governing how I may live? Deciding what I can do and what I can not do? Yeah we do need to judge their characters a bit more harshly.


course it does.

what do you think a leader of a nation does? they are meant to lead with a moral compass with wisdom to make the best decisions on behalf of the people for the people.

you can't have that if you someone who is exploiting using purchasing another human beings body, to use as a sexual toy for their sexual gratification.

it shows a lack of wisdom, and a lack of empathy for their fellow human being.

both of which are traits that disqualify such people from leading their fellow human beings.


There are sex scandals in Europe as well. as long as politicians talk about morality then they are going to be subjected to a higher standard.

It's that man again!!