Dismal, ghastly film...

Proceed directly to video. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.

First off - where did anyone get the idea Billy Murray could act? He was fine in the background as an extra in the Sweeney from time to time, but he shouldn't be allowed to utter any words on film ever again.

As for the rest of the cast - risible. The funniest bit of miscasting is the solicitor - he's clearly an actor in his twenties, but they've tried desperately to make him look older by painting white stripes in his hair around his ears. Yeah, that'll work. Now he looks fifty.

Then there's the big lady crime boss, who would be more suited behind the till in Tesco. Oh, and the whole point of polythene is not to walk all over it and tread blood around when you've topped someone.

As for this being a 'true' story? Only if you also believe in Santa and the tooth fairy...


Lol agreed.

I tend to watch most gangster movies, origins, country etc doesn't matter to me. I am just fascinated by these sorts of people. All that being said, this movie was quite bad including all the reasons you highlighted above.

Added to the list of bad gangster movies, I think quite possibly the only gangster movie worse, is top shottas.

Don't waste your time.

Also, with the UK having the highest number of CCTVs, how on earth where they not caught? Also which banks look like the one they robbed?

There better be something in your eye!


I LOVED the 1st essex boys it wernt perfect but had its charms and great acting

this pile of turd was just beyond awful and only made to cash in on the only way is essex craze going on at the moment trust me take a look on twitter everyone involved think they made a classic gritty film and the only ones who liked it must of been related or involved

it was actually embarrassing to watch it amazes me how studios and banks back crap like this


Im sorry to say i was looking forward to this but then it happened a huge let down i mean would a woman crime boss be so easily fooled and without bodyguards i dont think so and as for the four muppets that rise to the top in my neck of the woods they would have had the crap beaten out of them but each to his own this film had potential and was a let down it could of been so much better with a bit more time spent on cast and charecter storylines etc so a big thumbs down from me


The solicitor hand his head shaved round the sides not whites stripes lol