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The movie tells too little about Sieg's brother, Eddie

I want to know what's Eddie's job? where did he get the moped? where did he get that car at the end?
Can someone explain to me.


It sounded like some kind of factory job. I have no idea where he got the moped or the car. Good questions that had not occurred to me. The fact that his father confiscated and hid the moped suggests that maybe the father bought it for him and was now punishing him by taking it away. I'll need to pay more attention the next time I watch.


The father refers to Eddy having been fired from the sawmill.

Regarding the moped and car, I think they were stolen.


I agree that little was said about Eddy. He was obviously a key character for Sieg in that he was intimidated by him as well as seeked his approval, but we don't get to see much. As for how he acquired these things, I'm probably inclined to agree they were stolen but it may just be that they're unroadworthy or whatever and he got them at a low price?

I guess it's in what you don't see. Eddy is dismissive of Sieg's success with running at the start, and then Sieg tells Marc that Eddy used to run before their mum died. Eddy is not committed to much in life, and even tells their dad he wished he was dead instead of their mum. He is obviously going through his own struggles, but I guess this wasn't his story.

(The ending had a very hopeful tone, in that Eddy and Dad went to the race together and later Dad relaxed a little and let him have the moped.)


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I believe the car is stolen, but we see Eddy at the sawmill where he works speaking to someone about buying the moped when Sieger arrives to get money for the Father's Day gift.

However, Eddy is very rebellious and would rather waste the day away with his girlfriend and the moped, therefore he is fired from his sawmill job. And I think he steals the car as a result of his moped being chained up.