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Ending & Song at the end

I think the ending was just right in keeping with the whole tone of the film. The film relies a lot on glances and stolen looks. very little is ever said. I always kinda figured that sieger went over to mark's and just told him "we're having chinese" implying he wanted him to join and that he wanted to be with him. I always imagined they were driving to Sieger's home somehow. But it's seems I am alone in this.

The song at the end tho lyrically ominous ...
What once was real become a memory
We have to face that our love comes to an end.
I trully love you when you fell on me
And I try when you gathered with my friends.
I rest in peace and write you my dear,
You're gonna be all-right
In two words: I apologize.

It's very unpromising.

Talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much.


That's exactly how I interpreted the ending... that Sieger went to get Marc to bring him to dinner. Basically a big gesture of accepting who he loves. Nice to see someone else interpreted that way as well!

That song is super sad if you read into it too much, I hope it was just used for the beauty and the "i apologize" :)