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I never trusted UnReal and now they confirm it...

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro states her work on the Bachelor as an inspiration for UnReal. It is supposed to be an exposé into the behind the scenes of Reality TV series like the Bachelor.. However being that this is a TV show itself in need of ratings and not a documentary, I have always suspected the heavy infusion of sick and twisted drama.. I mean its just despicable.. almost as if Shapiro is getting a kick out of living vicariously through her show characters..

I knew episode 7 would take the cake immediately I read the opening message warning that there would be scenes related to gun violence, race and law enforcement in America. This, coming up on the heels of the still quite fresh Minnesota and Dallas incidents.. smh

This is soo Rachel.


Nota bene: Season 2 was filmed from March 7 to June 16. UnReal had plenty of real-life drama to imitate before Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed the 1st week of July.


Well that kind of thing sadly has been going on before the recent killings. Which is what they took from.

"I'd rather lose for what I am than win for what I ain't"

Kacey Musgraves "Pageant Material"


You said it better than I did! Short and to the point! I need to use a different platform to get my point across and stop writing in on my favorite TV shows that I used to get away from the real world!! "UnReal" LOL


I am referring to the timing of when it was aired.

And one may be inclined to ask what their goal is imitating specific real-life drama...


I think you're completely wrong!!! There is a lot of things going on today that should not be going on in 2016!!! You hear people say, "well at least I started a conversation", but we need to keep the conversation going because this reality is very, very real! You say it's too soon because what has happened in Minnesota and Dallas, but this is not the first time!! It's been going on for way too long and people have a right to voice how they feel when it comes to their communities and how their police force handles certain situations! What happened to, "Protect and Serve?" It's never too soon to educate people, stop the violence, and make sure that our police officers are ready to "Protect and Serve" after training!! Some are not even close to be driving around in their squad cars pulling civilians over for a traffic stop!


That you think they included this to educate or lend their voice is ridiculous.. They did this for the ratings.. End of Story!!! Its the kind of thing Rachel or Quin in the show would do.. They do not really care. It is a TV show.

How is reenacting someone being indiscriminately shot by a cop educational..

If they really wanted to lend their voice as a TV show, they should have produced a scene that will really teach.. as you said..

1) how cops should react as against how they have been reacting..

2) How the justice system should be swift and decisive to discourage others who think they can do the same and get away with a paid leave.

3) How citizens should respond and how to stop the things they unwittingly do to further the hate

No.. they did not show any of this, instead they went for the juicy shock value.. yea.. they put it IN YOUR FACE again..

Its like a student sends in his math test with the sum 1 + 1 = 3. Which is wrong.

The teacher, in the bid to correct him, walks to the board.. calls out his name and writes, '1 + 1 = 3' for comic effect humiliating the student instead of correcting him..


I wish it had been better set up in the story. As it was, it was highly implausible Rachel was hiding in the bushes filming at the exact spot where the police pulled over the car. That made the storyline seem shoehorned in as a way of grabbing attention, without really making much impact. It would have been better if they had developed the characters and the situation. The 45 minutes of the show before that had been mainly about the (implausible) love lives of Quinn and Rachel.

I mean, Quinn was getting a marriage proposal from a billionaire after what seemed like 2 days.