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Implausabilities are making this difficult to watch.

I had heard such great things about this show. As someone who was so intrigued by the whole Bachelor craze from the very first, I loved the idea of a drama/comedy (with a bit of dark sick and twisted thrown in) based on the behind the much that I thought of the idea myself but didn't have the chops, persistence etc to pull it off.

I have made it through the finale of season one but there are just too many situations that I find I am scoffing at which is ruining the show for me. I love some of the characters (Quinn, Chet, the 'suitor' and girls) but I just wish it was a either a bit more grounded in reality or went to the extreme of high camp. I feel this in-between land is just not working for me.

For instance, are we meant to believe:

- That the producers would get away with not having any responsibility for Mary's suicide.
- That Mary's sister would actually cover up for the show that led to her sister's death and not sue for herself and demand a full investigation. Just not buying the fact that just because they are on the same side (of not wanting Mary's abusive ex financially benefiting)would absolve Rachel and show's culpability.
- That Adam is doing everything he can to get back in the 'good books' re his family and career yet is constantly tempted to sabotage himself again and again with Rachel and Grace.
- That Rachel has these guys falling desperately in love with her.
- That they would still film the finale live after Rachel's crazy stint in the last season.
- That Grace wouldn't have already gone straight to Anna with Rachel's confession/taunt that she and Adam were having 'dirty sex'
- That Brittany (the bitch) would have been brought back for absolutely no reason.

It's just annoying! The dialogue, characters and acting are great. It could have been a great show if it was just more subtle.


I could see Mary's sister letting it go because she can't afford the fight. Lawsuits and lawyers are both really expensive, and there's no guarantee that the network couldn't or wouldn't just bury her and pile it on until she quit.

There's also the publicity factor; Mary wasn't an unattractive woman, but she wasn't as young and pretty as the news likes to promote when airing tragic deaths. Might've been newsworthy for a couple weeks, and then fizzled out and been for naught.

Her history of mental illness, domestic abuse, and whatever else on her psych eval would have given the show the upper hand in arguing that being rejected drove her over the brink.

I agree fully, though, that it's all too neatly handled.


You might like the 2nd season a lot better, though I had no problem with the first. I have this great ability to remember that the show is fiction....

But also, you're naive if you think problems don't easily disappear when someone has a lot of money. The Mary issue disappeared because of that.


This ^^^


"so much that I thought of the idea myself but didn't have the chops, persistence etc to pull it off."
lol right. You had the idea first but you just didn't try hard enough.

It seems to me that what you're missing the most is empathy. You don't seem to be able to understand the characters and their motivations

Mary's sister knew that she was bipolar. It's a sad fact that bipolar disorder often ends in tragedy, regardless of who you want to blame for it. And if she decided not to sue, yes the show would "get away with it". Mary was not put in a dangerous situation. She went off her meds and killed herself. As long as the cops have no reason to suspect her meds were replaced (and they do not), that's that.
Mary's sister suing wouldn't bring her sister back. And she is probably going to get a fat check from the insurance so... suing would really be pointless.

Adam is an entitled self centered privileged little jerk. He really wants to get back in his family's good graces... because he wants the money and connections associated with them. But he's also a jerk who really only wants to tell them to go screw themselves. Isn't his self-sabotaging already obvious from his background?

Rachel is damaged. You'd be really surprised to know how many men fall for that kind of things. It makes them feel so important and needed to rescue the damsel in distress.

Brittany is brought for drama. Not for "no particular reason". That's what those shows do.