Just got done watching...

...not bad,but not the best.Character build-up was good and i liked that they went with the impractical joker route mixed with horror...

Now...that said..they should have started the killings a little earlier and i would have included the three girls from the store into it. If the writer would have given the script one last look over, he might have noticed what he did wrong...movie time management..the wedding ate up alot of the time..i would have made the wedding scene five minutes, but it dragged out and that's were this movie lost alot of the audience.

Also..more scene after credits that explains his motive better(they eluded to this when the one friend ask him what's the deal with the dad's cabin).

I'm a Horror fanatic so I watch them all.


It wasnt bad. The actors did a good job making the viewer hate them, so it was pretty satisfying seeing them get killed.

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