Tom Grant

Why would he lie? He has nothing to gain whatsoever. His job is a private investigator. I don't think he would lie under any circumstance to make a film for little profit.

He's going up against a well known junkie and manipulative sociopath. I'm choosing to believe the person with the proven track record.


I think he believes that Kurt was murdered but I think that he's wrong and I find the way he has conducted himself to be questionable. The first thing he did when he decided to go public with his theory was go to the media.

He claims he has evidence that Kurt was murdered and yet he has never revealed what it is and states he will only come forward with this evidence once the case is reopened which is counter-productive. If he has evidence then surely the case will be reopened but he is withholding it and the circle goes on.

Now he has been hired by Frances' ex. If he had any ethics or even any empathy he would refuse this association out of respect for Frances.

And what is his 'proven track record'? What do we really know about Tom Grant? He didn't last long as a police officer we know that for sure. To me he comes across as a naive simple man.


The first thing he did when he decided to go public with his theory was go to the media.

Nope. He spoke to the SPD but they refused to entertain the idea that it was a potential homicide. Then he wrote Courtney a letter stating his belief and told her that he would continue is investigation into Kurt's death on his own dime. She replied by hiring him for more and unrelated jobs. He just told her he suspects that her husband was murdered and she was responsible and she turns around and hires him for more jobs. Only after he began making media appearances did she stop hiring him for additional work.


Nope. On the 15th of April he contacted Harvey Levin who was a reporter at KCBS News (now the host of TMZ News) and told him if he wanted to see Kurt Cobain's suicide note, he was 'one of the only people who has a copy'. He took Levin to his interview with Cameron, claiming he was a lawyer.

Levin didn't think there was a story so he didn't run it. He clearly believed it was suicide.