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One Million Irish Deaths from 1845-1849

The scope of the Irish Potato Famine is absolutely staggering. One million deaths from 1845 to 1849 (Black '47 being the worst year). 20%-25% of the Irish population wiped out in four years. Most contemporary people can't even conceive of a natural phenomenon that devastating.

The film does an excellent job of showing the bleakness of the time and what it did to the Irish (and how it spawned so much anger toward the English). The story itself is a basic revenge tale (Gladiator, John Wick, etc.) but the period details--like how difficult it was to load a musket--and the performances really elevate it from good to great. James Frecheville as Feeney is the ideal stoic warrior. At times, his bearded face reminded me of a wood carving of a medieval saint. And Freddie Fox is perfectly hateable as the priggish Officer Pope.

Food in Films: There isn't much of it. But I loved seeing Feeney "take the soup" in the most literal sense and then showing the Protestant minister what he thought about his sermonizing.


"And Freddie Fox is perfectly hateable as the priggish Officer Pope."

I hadn't bothered to look at the IMDB listing until that comment. During the movie, I kept thinking that actor playing Pope looked familiar but I couldn't quite make out why. Then I saw your comment and wondered.... could it be? I scurried on over to IMDB and sure enough: That's the son of Edward Fox!


The Jackal himself! That family is very good at playing villains...which probably means they're perfectly nice in real life.