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Garner is probably exactly like this IRL

Her character was a totally overbearing control freak.


Who cares. She is in nothing but crap these past years anyway. This movie included!



Well after Garner got w/the worthless cheating POS no talented a-hole Ben Affleck is when her life turned to sh!t! They have beautiful children all that came out of that marriage; I always thought it was a bad choice for her to even date Affleck, he's so full of himself and he *beep* up the Batman franchise, b/c he sucked like George Clooney's Batman!!

Jennifer Garner is far from a control freak, she's actually a "down to earth" person from many fans who have approached her. She is like the typical mother who loves her children, she loves to home cook, baking is a HUGE hobby she loves to do and she is a very good person. Her only horrible judgment was marrying Ben Affleck - he's nothing but a cheating prick. What man would cheat on the gorgeous Jennifer Garner? She's amazing and I would love to see her in more movies. I want to see her and Adam Sandler in a romcom movie together, b/c she is really got great comedic timing and she would have a lot of fun w/Adam b/c he's a down to earth guy as well...