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Returning this weekend (first weekend in July) for season 2

This weekend the show is returning at 12:30 am eastern late Saturday night / early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it. The episode is I Can't Be the Only One, Baby.

The new episode will be preceded by the last two episode of season 1, Nobody Knows the Chameleon Alien, Baby & Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby at 11:30 pm and 12 am.

(knock,knock,knock) Penny (knock,knock,knock) Penny (knock,knock,knock) Penny


Wow that was such a great episode. I can't wait for part 2.


Oh lol, that Kid Michael Jackson version of Dandy.

I'd like to see full episodes starring these alternate characters (maybe in an OVA), although I doubt they'd happen.

On a last note:
"I can assure you we have no intention of touching your balls."



Fantastic episode, was just able to catch it! Just awesome and fun, like all Dandy :D My Girlfriend and I seriously enjoy sitting down and watching these. I really hope we are able to hop past this 26 episode limit :D


Wow, what a way to start off a season. I personally think this episode (minus the chameleon episode) was the best one yet.