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Well as usual, the adults are all screwed up,

and are working overtime messing up the kids.

Kinda like on South Park.

I'm sorry baby I had to crash that Honda....


It wasn't the adults. It was the movie. It sucked.

"What would you like to see on your honeymoon, Mrs. Cord?"
"Lots of lovely ceilings."


It was a movie that was set up more like a play than a documentary and it bothered me for some reason. The whole thing was about setting things up to look one way and then them turning out to be the complete opposite.

We're supposed to feel like the mom is the one good person there and have it turn out that she's actually the initial abuser. And somehow because she abused Keith he abused Molly who in turn kind of abused Ryder (if we're going on the Mom being an abuser as well). But it's not a more realistic cycle of abuse, especially perpetuating abuse for the sake of a message.

Like, there's the big reveal shock factor, but it doesn't exactly make a lot of sense under further scrutiny.