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Everybody Was Chicken Fightin'!!!

Possible spoilers


we watched it last night. So much potential here, but never really lived up to it.

Are we absolutely sure Keith was molesting Molly? Of course he was a gun-owner (aka evil incarnate in these kind of movies, so I guess he probably was ...)

The girl playing Molly did a fantastic job and was really the stand-out in this movie, but I don't think I could let my daughter play this role. Yikes! : /


Forget about the gun thing, it's overblown and that's stereotyping.

Keith wasn't molesting Molly outright, she was being used as a pawn in a game between Keith and the rest of the family.

Keith was angry with Ryder's mom for pushing herself on him when she was young. He saw the opportunity to get back as Ryder's mom and turn the entire family against them.

The Chicken Game, I think, really came from the grandfather or Ryder's mom's dad.


The girl playing Molly did a fantastic job and was really the stand-out in this movie, but I don't think I could let my daughter play this role. Yikes! :

Yes, even though the actress is actually 12 it was VERY uncomfortable to watch. What did they have to tell her as motivation? Even a child FAKING sex play is ugh!


Fact is, most girls are masturbating by 12.
They didn't have to tell her anything.

But yes, Keith absolutely was molesting Molly. No question.
When discussing afterward at the table, and he asked if Ryder knew how to play, and she said no. Obviously Keith and Molly both knew what it was all about.


I highly doubt they didn't have to tell her anything, most people might need some explaining on what chicken-fighting is. I'd even read what it was on this forum before watching the movie but I assumed it meant sticking her hand down there, the phrase "masturbate against his neck" is pretty vague for an adult.

Also I think it would be weird to do as an adult so I'm not surprised it would be weird for a kid. Honestly I felt like it would be more awkward for the actor playing Ryder because of their ages.


Well, I was referring to, as far as masturbation. You wouldn't have to explain that to a 12 year old.

Actual chicken fighting has nothing to do with masturbating, you do it with more than one pair of people, the people on top try to knock each other off of the people on the bottom. I'm pretty sure everyone I've ever known would know what it is, maybe it's a regional thing.

It was a sex thing for them because, as children, the mom got stimulated while playing and pursued it. It became their thing, apparently. So Molly learned that version of chicken fighting from Keith. Ryder knew chicken fighting, but he didn't know their chicken fighting. Remember when she's doing it, Ryder says you need more people or something.

As far as what the director actually told the actress, it was probably just "rock back and forth, then yell like you're really having fun."


Are we absolutely sure Keith was molesting Molly?

I think it's possible he wasn't molesting her at all. If Keith could get Molly to fake that blood scene in front of everyone and lie convincingly at will to Ryder, he could tell her how to do a 5 second dry hump even if she didn't understand...

It comes down to interpretation. As it was laid out in the movie, it certainly is supposed to make you feel like Keith was molesting her, regardless of the silly scene Molly is "chicken fighting" with Ryder.

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