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inferior clone of "Dream House (2011)"

,,, and that wasn't great to start with.

A long drawn out shaggy dog story but the punchline, or twist, was glaringly obvious from near the start. Decently photographed, acted and directed, other than the director having to drag out the thin material, devoid of subplots, to fill a full-length movie. I sympathized until I realized he was the writer too.

Two oddities. There was a good scene with Tom Sizemore playing a minor character, but he was then forgotten and contributed nothing further to the storyline. And the "knight" character seemed to have wandered in from a different movie, maybe one of Eddie Murphy's flops or Monty Python, again contributing nothing to the development. Weird.

Don't waste your time.


My fault for coming on IMDb before I watched it but thanks for the spoiler without warning. :(


Not to worry. OP's post didn't give anything away. It just stated that this movie has an obvious plot twist, that Tom Sizemore's role could have been bigger, that there's a knight character who seems out of place, and that the plot was sparse.

The title of this thread gives away more about this movie than the entire post. But only if you've seen Dream House. I'm assuming you haven't, since you clicked the title and read the post. Which would likely tell you how this movie is like Dream House, possibly becoming a spoiler. Reading the title alone wouldn't spoil it. And after reading the title, I'm sure you would've skipped over the post to avoid spoiling this movie for yourself.

And since you don't know the plot of Dream House, you don't know what plot twist the OP was referring to. So, fortunately for you, reading the title and the post hasn't spoiled a thing.

But if you had seen Dream House, it still wouldn't be a spoiler. It just notes that a plot twist exists. That the OP easily figured out. But there's no comparisons or details.