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For A film that uses sobriety.....

Aside from the movie being total and utter trash, the one theme they push hard in this is Michaels sobriety. Every recovering alcoholic I know has no liquor in their house. This character after only having 1 year clean, has 5-6 bottles laying around taunting him daily. I know this is just a small thing, but it ended up being a big part of the first half of this so called film.


I'm just starting it now (which according to the posts here may be a mistake), and I figured he was hallucinating the liquor in the house.

Pretty sure he's hallucinating his wife, too, which is what I came here to find out. If he is, I'm not watching the whole thing. I like Nicholle Tom but there's a limit.

ETA: It became clear she was real, so I stuck with it. Whoops. That actually would have been a better ending. What a mess this thing was.

Well, it isn't like I had anything better to do anyway, no great loss. But I probably could've found a better movie by literally closing my eyes and putting my finger randomly on the Netflix screen.

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You're absolutely right, and the bottles were part of an over-done device of getting the viewers--and characters--to wonder if all the supernatural happenings are just in the man's head.

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