Oh god, that wife

The phone rings at night, waking them both up and she screams at him to make it stop.

"I'm 37, all my friends have children and I WANT A BABY!!!!"

Their @hole neighbor says he's acting weird, so she calls to ask if he's drinking again after a year of sobriety.

All she does is nag and whine.

Oh yeah, and she sleeps in shapewear (a girdle).

She's the worst, I can't even finish watching the rest of the movie because of her.


She was a piece of work.


I assume the only reason she got sick towards the end of the movie is that the writers got board with having her nag, and thought they'd just get her out of the way!

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You forgot about how she complained about the door needing to be fixed, and my personal favorite; coming home to find her husband has been having a difficult day writing his novel, but she proceeds to complain about who's on dish-washing duty today!


My favorite wife line, 'The ghosts must be so proud of all the hard work you did today.' Epically horrible film.